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It's Move-Out Time!
by Tom Goodman
May 23, 2012

"To labor is to pray."

That was the motto of the Benedictine monks, and it's going to be our motto this Sunday as we pray and labor.

Come to worship dressed for a little dust, because we've got work to do after the morning program.  After the 10 a.m. worship service and your 11 a.m. small-group meeting, we've got an auditorium to clear out.  We'll serve a quick lunch for those who plan to work, and then Herb Ingram will divide us into crews and give us instructions.

Even if you can't join a work crew in the afternoon, let me tell you why you need to join us for worship in the morning.

First, Gene and Brent and the gang have something special planned for the music.

Second, this is your last chance to get a little nostalgic as we say good-bye to an auditorium design our church has known for 40 years.  For the next 3 months we'll worship in the gym, and when we return to the auditorium in September we'll celebrate in an updated facility.

Third, this will be your first Sunday to see images of the updated facility.  Members of the Project Committee will be standing by a display to answer your questions.

Fourth, a crew from a church in Kentucky will make the drive out to get our pews, and they will be worshiping with us on Sunday before joining us on the big move-out project.  Come meet them!

This is all part of our "Beautiful Thing" campaign that we launched a year ago.  Do you remember why the campaign has that name?  There's a Bible story of a woman who anointed Jesus with a container of expensive perfume.  The apostles said, "Why this waste?" but Jesus said, "No, she has done A BEAUTIFUL THING to me." (Mark 14:1-9)

This campaign is our chance to do A BEAUTIFUL THING for Jesus.  Our Worship Center is the place we gather to praise God's Name and to study God's Word, and the attention we give to it says a lot about how important those activities are to us.

We're able to start the renovations two years ahead of schedule because of two things: your generous support, and an estate gift that we're going to borrow from ourselves.  I'll tell you more about that in the worship service this week.  See you @ 10!


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