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Worth Ship
by Tom Goodman
January 19, 2011

In Argentina, soccer star Diego Maradona has fans so passionate that they began a church in his name and mark their calendars by his birth:  this year is 44 D.D., which stands for a Spanish phrase meaning "the 44th year after Diego's birth."  Annually, the "Church of Maradona" gathers to celebrate his birth:  Ornaments celebrating soccer exploits hang from a Christmas tree, and soccer cleats hang from a cross.  According to news accounts one 49-year-old fan said, "In Diego, I think, I feel, and I exist."

No doubt, the whole thing is just some rabid soccer fans having fun.  My question is, when was the last time you were ever so over-the-top in your passion for God?

Do you live a God-oriented life?  This kind of life is more than just thinking about God from time to time.  Most people wonder what he's like, what he expects, whether he's happy with their lives, and how to get him to meet their needs.  Almost everyone thinks about these things.

But the God-oriented life is very different.  Someone who lives a God-oriented life is someone who is...

. . . stirred by the greatness of God
. . . moved by the grace of God
. . . expectant for the activity of God
. . . hungry for the word of God
. . . passionate for the glory of God
. . . hopeful for an experience with God

In Psalm 84:2, King David said, "My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God."  Inwardly and even bodily he ached to experience the presence of the living God.  King David lived a God-oriented life.  He honored God with his worship.

In Acts 16, God dramatically honored some men who honored him.  Paul and Silas had been thrown into a Philippian jail.  Some enemies of Paul had stirred the whole town against Paul and his companion, Silas.  Things were on the verge of a mob riot.  The magistrates had the two believers stripped and beaten.  Then they were put in an inner cell of the town prison, chaining their feet to the wall.

But the prison could not confine their praise.  Deep into the night the prison corridors echoed with songs of faith.  And God got involved in that place where these men praised him.

This Sunday we'll look at how that jailhouse rocked, and we'll learn some lessons to apply to our own lives.  Join us at 10am!


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