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In the Master's Hands
by Tom Goodman
October 21, 2009

The Prayer Tour Guide is Available!
Even if you missed last Sunday's Prayer Tour, it's not too late to pray for your church!  Pick up a Prayer Tour Guide at the Worship Center doors and walk to the Ten Stops on your own.  Or, you can view the Guide online and pray through the Ten Stop at home.

Maybe you've heard the old song about the auctioneer holding up an old, beat-up violin.  "How much do I hear for this antique?  One dollar?  Give me two.  Two dollars?  Who has three?"  He was able to get the bidding up a few dollars more, but that's where it stalled.

That is, until a violinist stepped up to the stage, tuned the strings, and began to entrance the crowd with music.  Suddenly, people were shouting out bids in the hundreds to buy the violin.  In the hands of a skilled master the violin came alive.

A few years ago, Ken Ulmer closed a Pastor's Conference with the same vivid image:

A violin in my hand will get you some squeaky noise; but a violin in Itzhak Perlman's hand will get you the music of the masters.

Marble in my hand is just a piece of ugly, dirt-covered stone; but marble in Michelangelo's hand will get you a magnificent David.

A peanut in my hand is just a small snack; but a peanut in George Washington Carver's hand is peanut butter and shoe polish.

A basketball in my hand is worth about $29.95; but a basketball in Shaquille O'Neal's hand and in Kobe's hand and in Michael's hand with hang time is worth about $30 million.

A tennis racquet in my hand is a dangerous weapon; but a tennis racquet in the Williams sisters' hands is a tennis champion.

A golf club in my hand means "look out, there's trouble coming"; but a golf club in Tiger Woods's hand wins the Masters.  It all depends on whose hand it's in.

Spit and clay in my hand will get you a little mud cake; but spit and clay in Jesus' hand will open blinded eyes.  Two fish and five loaves of bread will get you a couple of fish sandwiches in my hand; but in Jesus' hand it will feed the five thousand.  Nails in my hand might get you a little birdhouse; but nails in Jesus' hand hanging on the cross between two thieves on a hill called Calvary is salvation for the world, because it all depends on whose hand it's in.

How true.

So, whose hands hold your life?

Join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. as we learn how to place our lives in the Master's hands.  The youth group will serve the Lord's Supper in the service.

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