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“The Lord’s Prayer in Your World”
by Tom Goodman
February 2, 2005

Of everything Jesus taught, what we call “The Lord’s Prayer” is probably the most familiar in our world.  Even those who don’t own or read a Bible know this prayer because it’s recited at football games and recovery meetings and formal ceremonies.  I’ve asked you to share with me some ways you’ve experienced the Lord’s Prayer in your world.  Here’s what Mike Wiederkehr wrote:

Many years ago, the IT group at my company (3M) was having an outing at Volente Beach Waterpark, just west of Austin.  We had taken off during the middle of the week just to get away from the office for a day out on the lake.
We had spent most of the mid morning playing sand volleyball, and just visiting with co-workers.  Just before noon, we were all headed out to the party boats for an afternoon on the lake when one of our colleagues collapsed on the dock.  At this time, Volente Beach was not built up the way it is now, and it took close to 30 minutes for an EMS unit to arrive.  Before they arrived, we took turns administering CPR to our friend, trying to keep him alive.  When the EMS did finally get there, they worked on him for about 10 minutes, and said he was gone, and there was nothing more they could do.  They covered him up, and left him lying on the dock.
We were all stunned to see a close friend and colleague laying there dead.  Someone that we had just been talking with, and playing volleyball with minutes before, was now gone.  This was supposed to be a fun outing for the group to get away from the stress and madness that comes with working in the Information Technology field.  But now it had turned into a tragedy.  No one really knew how to respond.
But then, one by one, we all started walking towards our friend, forming a circle around him, holding hands.  We all stood there in silence, with heads bowed.  Then one guy started reciting the Lord's Prayer, and immediately everyone there joined in.  I don't know why, but it struck me odd that all these people, from all different backgrounds in their personal lives, all knew this prayer.
When we were done, we just stood there in silence for several more minutes, some still praying, some weeping.  It was a most moving experience, and one that I will never forget.
Wow.  Keep in mind that lots of your friends know the Lord’s Prayer, even if they don’t consider themselves particularly “religious.”  Be sure to invite them to our 8-week study on Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m.!  Hit the “Forward” button on your e-mail program and send them a copy of this note with a personal invitation to join you at this week’s study!


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