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Give to "A Beautiful Thing" Campaign in 2013
by Tom Goodman
December 30, 2013

There's one more day to support our "Beautiful Thing" campaign and get your contribution posted to your 2013 records.

Our 3-year campaign ends in May 2014 with a goal of $840,000.  Contributions to date have enabled us to renovate our auditorium and start work on our foyer.  (We expect to begin the foyer work early in the new year.)

Current projections have us at $60,000 short of our goal.  Your support at year's end can help.

You can give online at, or you can mail a check.  If you mail a check, be sure your mail is postmarked for December 31 to count on your 2013 contribution record.

Thanks to your generous support, our 2013 budget was fully supported, and we exceeded our goal for the Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions.  Your help in our "Beautiful Thing" campaign will be greatly appreciated, too.

God bless the Hillcrest Family as we follow the Shepherd into 2014!

Pastor Tom Goodman