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"April 16"
by Tom Goodman
November 16, 2005

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I’ve long believed our church should provide another worship service in addition to the one we have.  Now it’s time to act on it.  Circle April 16 on your calendar.  That’s Easter Sunday in 2006.  That’s also the day we’ll begin a new morning worship service.

At my favorite coffee shop I have a choice of roasts.  I can have them pour me a smooth and mild cup of joe, or I can ask for a bold and rich roast.  Likewise, on Sunday mornings, in addition to our smooth music format, we need to offer a bolder format.

This is partly, but not exclusively, a generational thing.  I know better than to say that a particular generation prefers a particular format for worship.  There are certain people in every generation who like a smoother sound and certain people in every generation who like a bolder sound.  Still, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that generally most in the second half of adulthood (the Adult 4, 5, and 6 Sunday School departments) prefer a “smooth” style of worship.  And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that generally most in the first half of adulthood (the Adult 1, 2, and 3 Sunday School departments) prefer the bolder sounds of a more contemporary Sunday morning service.  In addition, I doubt you’d be at all surprised to discover that nearly any student from Middle School through College prefers the bolder sound of a guitar-driven service.

So, it’s time to offer a “bold blend” as well as our “smooth blend,” and April 16 is the launch.  We can work out the details later.  At present, I just wanted you to know where my heart was on this matter.

Please pray!  Ask God to give us wisdom regarding all the things that have to be done to make this work.  Ask God to awaken our church members to fields all around us “ripe for harvest” (John 4:36).  Ask God to make us all sensitive to how different styles of music “connect” with different people, and how this is often a generational thing.  Most of all, however, obey Jesus by asking God to hallow his name in our midst.  That’s the very first thing Jesus commanded us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer, and we need to lift up that request every time we walk into the Worship Center!  See you Sunday!


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