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Is It Enough to Just "Be a Good Person"?
by Tom Goodman
February 27, 2013

Someone -- maybe you -- will say, "Well, I'm not very religious, but I'm a good person -- and that's what really counts."

Is it?  Here's Tim Keller on the subject:

Imagine a woman -- a poor widow -- with an only son.  She teaches him how she wants him to live -- to always tell the truth, to work hard, and to help the poor.  She makes very little money, but with her meager savings she is able to put him through college.  Imagine that when he graduates, he hardly ever speaks to her again.  He occasionally sends a Christmas card, but he doesn't visit her; he won't answer her phone calls or letters; he doesn't speak to her.  But he lives just like she taught him -- honestly, industriously, and charitably.  Would we say this was acceptable?  Of course not!  Wouldn't we say that by living a "good life" but neglecting a relationship with the one to whom he owed everything he was doing something condemnable?  In the same way, if God created us and we owe him everything and we do not live for him but we "live a good life," it is not enough.

Thought for the week:  What will you do this day to develop your relationship with God, to express your deep gratitude to him, and to serve him with joy?


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