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UPWARD Sunday at Hillcrest

This Sunday, February 26.


Hillcrest Baptist Church
3838 Steck Ave.
Austin, TX 78758

(You must be connected to the internet to see this picture.) "Two Services: Kids Ministry"
by Tom Goodman
February 22, 2006

Have you been linking to the “Interesting Articles” feature I’m providing at the end of each issue of “Winning Ways”?  It’s a new feature of our e-newsletter.  See this week’s article on Kelly Clark, whose faith is as radical as her snowboarding in the Winter Olympics.

To help you get ready to go to two services on Easter Sunday, I’m covering some important topics.  You can find the first three topics archived here.  In this newsletter, let’s look at how our Hillcrest Kids ministry is retooling to benefit young families.

Here’s our present schedule:  Kids attend their Bible classes at 9:30, and then kids over five attend “big church” with their parents.  We have activities for preschoolers, but small children over five sit with parents, occupied with activity bags.  Many parents enjoy this arrangement, but other parents (especially guests) want a program that is designed for their kids while the parents worship.

We want to help families find the fit that uniquely suits them.  Our wonderful preschool ministry will continue at 9:30, of course, and then 4s, 5s, and kindergarteners can attend preschool church at 10:45.  We’re expanding G-Force, our program for elementary kids.  It will include:

Velocity One.  From 9:30 to 10:30, students will see Bible truths acted out and explore those Bible truths in small group settings.
FLEX will run from 10:30 to 11:00.  We'll select a variety of activities including crafts, games, snacks, mission projects, and skill-building centers.  Though it’s part of the whole kids program, parents who only want their kids in one hour of our children’s program can pick up or drop off their kids during FLEX.
Velocity Two.  From 11:00 to 11:50 kids will enjoy a "kid focused" worship service.  V2 will capture the enthusiasm of children's summer camp each week through high-energy praise songs and dynamic Bible teaching.
This schedule gives parents options.  It helps parents who only attend the first or second worship service but want a program for their kids.  It helps parents who attend adult Bible study but want their kids sitting with them during the worship hour.  And it helps parents who want to give their kids over two hours of quality religious training while the parents attend the adult programs.

Our current fifth graders will complete this year’s study at 9:30 and then attend Velocity Two or sit with parents in the second service.  Starting next fall, the program I’ve described will be offered to grades 1-5.

The Hillcrest Kids leaders have worked really hard to make a schedule this good and this flexible!  Way to go!  Next week, I’ll tell you about adult Bible study options.  Stay tuned!



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Interesting Articles.  My wife watches the Winter Olympics more faithfully than me, but I can’t get enough of the snowboarding—especially the cross races!  If you’re watching the Games, maybe you saw Kelly Clark, who had an amazing run on the halfpipe last week before she bobbled her attempted 900-degree spin and ended up in fourth place.  “I love Jesus,” she said after her run.  “It's more joyful knowing him than all that snowboarding stuff.  And so being able to snowboard for him is amazing.”  That was David Crowder's, “O Praise Him” (sample) playing during her run, by the way.  See an excellent Denver Post article for more (Hat Tip: Weblog at  Also, since we plan to offer two distinct service styles starting April 16, I thought you would like the following articles: “Old churches and New Choices” and “The heart of worship” and “Young worshippers”.   Finally, did you read about the helicopter pilot who takes pastors on “prayer flights” around his city?
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