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“The Flip-Flop Flap”
Hillcrest Church Office

June 4, 2003

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“The Flip-Flop Flap”
by Tom Goodman

Two weeks ago, protests from Lutherans and Catholics in Denmak forced a grocery chain to stop selling beach sandals with pictures of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary on the upper soles.  Lutheran clerics and a Catholic priest filed a charge of blasphemy against the company.  A group of Middle Eastern Christians even destroyed the entire stock of the sandals in one store in protest.

Only four thousand pairs were sold before they were pulled from the shelves, although I hear the publicity from the flip-flop flap has resulted in an underground demand for the sandals on Ebay.

The Danish company ignored the protests at first, but within days the decision was made to remove the entire inventory.  I guess you could say they flip-flopped on the issue.  Actually, the protests changed policy pretty fast considering that less than one percent of the Danish population belongs to the Catholic Church and less than five percent worship in a Lutheran Church.

I don't really have an opinion on the sandal scandal.  I'm just wondering what kind of impact we would make if we worried as much about souls as the Danes worried about soles.

This Sunday morning, June 8, we're going to see what the Bible has to say about sharing our faith with others. Bring someone with you!

See you at 8:30 or 10:45!
– Tom

P.S.  IMPORTANT NOTICE ON OUR YOUTH MINISTER SEARCH:  If you have some suggestions for who ought to serve on our Youth Minister Search Committee, I need your recommendations by Wednesday, June 11.  Our Personnel Committee will then form a search committee.  Once the team is formed, the team's first job will be to conduct a thorough survey so we can hear your thoughts on finding our next Youth Minister.  Please keep this important process in your prayers!



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