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Hillcrest Church Office
October 13, 2004

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“Worth Ship”
by Tom Goodman

In Argentina, soccer star Diego Maradona has fans so passionate that they began a church in his name and mark their calendars by his birth:  this year is 44 D.D., which stands for a Spanish phrase meaning “the 44th year after Diego’s birth.”  Annually, the “Church of Maradona” gathers to celebrate his birth:  Ornaments celebrating soccer exploits hang from a Christmas tree and soccer cleats hang from a cross.  According to news accounts one 49-year-old fan said, “In Diego, I think, I feel and I exist.”

No doubt, the whole thing is just some rabid soccer fans having fun.  My question is, when was the last time you were ever so over-the-top in your passion for God?  Do you live a God-oriented life?  This kind of life is more than just thinking about God from time to time.  Most people they wonder what he’s like, what he expects, whether he’s happy with their lives, and how to get him to meet their needs.  Almost everyone thinks about these things.

But the God-oriented life is very different.  Someone who lives a God-oriented life is someone who is . . .

. . . stirred by the greatness of God
. . . moved by the grace of God
. . . expectant for the activity of God
. . . hungry for the word of God
. . . passionate for the glory of God
. . . hopeful for an experience with God
Does that describe you?  In Week Two of our Purpose-Driven Life Campaign, we’re learning to orient our lives to God.  The Bible calls this “worship,” and it’s the first of the five life-purposes we’ll examine in the campaign.  The word “worship” comes from the word “worth.”  In worship we tell God how much we love and appreciate him.

If you’re behind in your reading by this point, here’s a tip:  read today’s reading first (Day 11), then read as many of the missed days as you can.  That way, if you run out of time on your catch-up reading, at least you’ve read today’s assignment.  To help you stay on track, you will really benefit from the “40 Days of E-mails” from our Campaign Team.  The e-mails will give you the “nudge” you need to stay active in the campaign.  Go to Click here to sign up.  Also, take a look at Herb Ingram’s column in the online version of our newsletter for a great word about how our small group meetings are going during the campaign!

See you this week!


(The story of the worshipping soccer fans comes from
This Week at Hillcrest:

Staff Congratulations:  Patty Bailey completed her run in the Chicago Marathon this weekend—Congrats!  Also, tell Stephen Burnaman a big “Thank You!” when you see him.  He completed 11 years as Hillcrest’s pianist this past weekend!
Ministry Fair Meeting:  If you lead a ministry in this church, or if you’re part of a mission that this church supports, have you signed up for a spot in our upcoming Ministry Fair?  Make sure your area gets included in the Fair!  Contact me at or the Ministry Fair Director, Michele Roberts, at  Space is limited, so don’t miss out!
New Chapter:  I’ve added a new chapter to The Anchor Course at www.anchorcourse.blogspot.comReading these chapters will help you explain the faith, and forwarding these chapters to your seeking friends will help them explore the faith.



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