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Hillcrest Church Office
August 4, 2004

Do you know friends who would appreciate Winning Ways?  Just forward this e-mail to them!

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“The Power of the Forward Button”
by Tom Goodman

Today you will receive a second edition of Winning Ways after this edition.  The second one is designed to forward to others.

Every edition of Winning Ways is designed for two reasons.  First, I want to give you a word of encouragement in the middle of your week and help you get ready for the next Sunday’s worship service.  Second, I want to give you a tool to help you “invite your world to life.”

Several of you have used the e-newsletter as a tool in your outreach.  I’ve heard of the conversations that have started after forwarding copies of the e-newsletter to others.  After writing about The Lord of the Rings, or The Da Vinci Code, or The Passion of the Christ, I got notes from subscribers who were able to discuss their faith with people after forwarding Winning Ways to them.  This is music to my ears!

Never under-estimate the power of the “Forward” button on your e-mail program!  Conversations about Christ have started because of the click of this button.  People have listened to sermons on our website because of the click of this button.  People have attended Hillcrest because of the click of this button.

If you haven’t clicked this button after reading a copy of Winning Ways, the next copy you get today would be a great place to start.  When it arrives, here’s what you should do:

First, spend some time going through your e-mail addresses and give some thought to who needs to receive the special invitation.  I’m going to do this, too.  Considering that people from seven nations and five states subscribe, don’t limit your thoughts only to those who live in Austin.  Your outreach involves relatives and friends who live in other places, and the sermons I refer to in Winning Ways can be found on our website, so feel free to invite anyone you know to subscribe.  Still, you should especially pay attention to those who could get plugged in to our church.
After you've made your list, pray that your invitation will bear fruit.
Then, forward the second copy of Winning Ways to those you’ve prayed for.  Don't send it as a “bulk mailing” to everyone at once.  Send it personally and exclusively to each person.
Finally, personalize the e-mail message before you send it.  You could add a note that says, “I really enjoy getting this e-newsletter; do you want me to sign you up, too?”  Today’s second copy of Winning Ways gives them several options for subscribing, but the most effective way is to ask them personally if you can sign them up.  Don’t sign up anyone without their permission, but if they say “yes,” here’s what to do: go to our website at Click here and enter their name, their e-mail address, and the newsletter you want them to receive.
This is an easy homework assignment, and it’s worth the half-hour it will take you.  God bless your efforts!


Important Notes:

Send an E-Card!  The popular ventriloquist Dennis Lee will be at Hillcrest August 15 at 6:00 p.m.!  Tell your friends about it!  Send them an e-card at
Welcome to Herb Ingram!  Our church extended the call to Herb Ingram as our next Minister of Education, and he has accepted!  So, this Sunday’s End-of-Summer fellowship will welcome two new staff members and their families!  Join us at 6:30 in the MPC to welcome the Jim and Karen Siegel and their kids, AND Herb and Sharon Ingram!
Leadership Breakfast:  Calling all leaders!  Our second annual Leadership Breakfast will be held Saturday, August 14, from 8:30-11:30 a.m.  Your Ministry Staff will cook your breakfast, and we’ll look at some important information about the 2004-2005 church year.  We’ll introduce all leaders to the Purpose-Driven Life Campaign.
Response Team:  Things were busy at the altar this past Sunday!  While one of our Response Team members prayed with someone, I met with one couple ready to join the church and I met with another who had a prayer need.  Keep praying for our Response Time at the end of every service, and use this time to share you own prayer burdens!



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