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“Honoring Austin’s Firefighters”
by Tom Goodman
August 24, 2005

I have bad news and good news.  The bad news is, we ran out of “Answer the Call” New Testaments this Sunday.  The good news is, we ran out of “Answer the Call” New Testaments this Sunday!

In other words, our church really got excited about my challenge to honor our “local heroes,” Austin’s firefighters.  I will have more New Testaments for you this Sunday!

Here’s the challenge:  Find the firehouse in your neighborhood, gather up your family, and stop by.  Bring a container of Blue Bell for their freezer, and bring an “Answer the Call” New Testament for their library.  This special Bible edition has been designed to catch the interest of firefighters.  Thank the men and women for what they do, and invite them to our special worship service on Sunday, 9/11.  We want to honor Austin’s firefighters on that solemn day.

Let me stress that we’re honoring our firefighters with two things: your visit and our worship service.  Don’t let one happen without the other!  Between now and September 11, bring some Blue Bell and a Bible to your local firehouse.

Toy Story.  Back by popular demand, “Movie Messages” has returned to the pulpit.  It’s a series of Bible studies on the topics that inspired our favorite films.  We began last Sunday with Napoleon Dynamite.  This week we’ll look at what the Bible says about belonging to God.  In Toy Story, Woody teaches Buzz how important it is to belong to someone.

Baptism and Communion This Sunday.  We’ll baptize several people this Sunday.  If you’re interested in taking this important step, call me right away.  We’ll also serve communion and welcome new members.  Make sure to be part of this special service.

The Hillcrest Institute Is Here!  Considering the crowd and the enrollment at the Discipleship Fair last Sunday night, Sunday nights are about to get real lively!  It all begins this Sunday evening: the Hillcrest Institute, our choir-and-Awana combo for kids, and our activities for youth.

Wonderful Wednesday Worship.  Our new midweek worship service starts in the auditorium promptly at 6:30 p.m. and ends sharply at 7:20 p.m.  We’ve designed this as a spiritual “booster shot” in the middle of your busy week.  I’ll be teaching on the remarkable life of Joseph for the next few months.  Join us!

Don’t miss what God is doing at Hillcrest!


P.S.  George Wentworth just finished reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Church (which came out 10 years before The Purpose-Driven Life).  He told me that the book helped him understand the new direction we’re going as a church and he recommends the book to others.  Our deacons are in the middle of a study of this book right now.  Get a copy and see what you think!

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