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"What If God Was One of Us?"
by Tom Goodman
April 26, 2006

The shortest verse in the Bible can teach you a lot about Jesus.

The New Testament wasn’t written with chapter-and-verse divisions.  A French printer named Robert Stephens placed chapters and verses in his 1551 edition of the New Testament, and we’ve had them ever since.  For reasons known only to him, the printer assigned just two words to John 11:35—“Jesus wept.”  When I was a kid, my friends and I chose this verse whenever a teacher at church challenged us to recite a scripture from memory.

Without knowing it, we had actually selected one of the most revealing texts about Jesus.  You see, John tells us about Jesus’ tears in a setting that’s natural for tears.  Jesus’ good friend Lazarus had died, and Jesus did what you and I do at funerals for good friends:  He cried.

In her 1995 hit song, “One of Us,” Joan Osbourne sang:

     What if God was one of us
     Just a slob like one of us
     Just a stranger on the bus
     Trying to make his way home

Some just consider the song irreverent, but Osbourne was asking an important question:  Does God know what we’re dealing with down here?  The answer is found in the life of Jesus.  Scripture teaches that Jesus is everything it means to be God and he is everything it means to be human.  God was one of us.

But not according to the bestseller, The Da Vinci Code.  Dan Brown believes that Jesus was nothing more than a remarkable man, and the divinity of Jesus was a notion developed centuries later.  This Sunday we’ll look Brown’s claims.  It’s part a biblical response to the popular novel that we began last Sunday.  I want to give you the tools you need to assess it for yourself and discuss it with others.  We’re looking at three “Code Breakers” in our series:  You can trust the story of Christ; you can understand the nature of Christ; and you can experience the community of Christ.  If you missed the first message, you can listen online.

Bring a friend to our second study this week, because it’s the most important one in the series.  Join us for our 9:30 “Bold” service or our 10:45 “Smooth” service.  Adults who attend the first service can stay after the service and discuss the topic at our new “Common Ground” coffee fellowship.  Check it out!


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I was moved at the stories of Iraqi Christians overcoming great odds to gather together for worship.  It sure shows how feeble American excuses are for neglecting church attendance.  Read, “Where attending church is itself a test of faith” from the New York Times.

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