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What Jesus Wants to Know
by Tom Goodman
May 29, 2013

What kind of Jesus do you have in your boat?  The answer impacts your ability to face your fears.

The disciples discovered this on the night they were caught out in the open sea on a little boat.  They woke up Jesus in a panic, shouting, "Lord, we're going to drown!"

Jesus made his way to the bow and said to the wind and waves, "Be quiet."  It was as if our Lord regarded this violent storm as nothing more than a yapping mutt that needed scolding.  Immediately the storm died down, and Jesus asked his panicked disciples, "Why are you so afraid?"

Well, why are you?

We learned a lot in the April series "Questions I've Wanted to Ask God," but there are some questions God wants to ask you, too!  We find hundreds of them in the Bible, but in our new sermon series we'll just look at six.

Last Sunday we began the series with the question Jesus asked two blind men:  "What do you want me to do for you?"  This Sunday we'll look at the question he asked his panicked disciples in Matthew 8:  "Why are you so afraid?"

Your ability to face your fears is determined by what kind of Jesus you have in your boat.  Is he simply an inspiring teacher of moral truths, or is he the world's Master who controls everything by his command?  You tell me your answer to that question, and I'll predict how you respond to your next crisis.

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