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Actions That Say "We're Glad You're Here!"
by Tom Goodman
August 7, 2013

You can help make our "Explore God" campaign a success by changing where you park and where you sit.

Yep, I've gone to meddling!

I'm thrilled to see the enthusiasm in our church for Explore God.  The campaign is a citywide effort to bring together spiritually prepared believers with spiritually curious people to begin to have conversations about God.  The media blitz in July and August will soon give way to a sermon series and small-group study in September and October.

We've prepared you for the campaign with two sessions of training, and your Bible study group will soon meet for an "Impact Night" to pray and gear up for the visitors we'll invite.

But as they come, let's make it easy for them find a place to park outside and to sit inside.

I often stand in the back for the first part of the service to welcome people.  As our attendance has grown, I've noticed families come in and peer around to find a space large enough for them to sit together.  If this is what we're seeing in the summertime, think about what's in store as school resumes.

Of course, growing pains are wonderful pains to have, but it still requires some adjustment.  With a few simple changes to your routine, you can serve your Hillcrest family and the honored guests who visit us.

Park offsite and in the elevated lot.  We'll run out of parking outside before we run out of seating inside.  Leave the spots closest to the building for newcomers, senior adults, and families with small children.  Park on Greenslope and on the gravel lot on the Adult Wing side.

Move forward and to the left.  Since most of our attendance comes through the Children's Wing door, that's the section that fills up first.  You can serve our Hillcrest Family and our visitors by moving a little more forward and a little more to the left from where you've been sitting.  Baby steps!

S.O.S.  For the next several months at Hillcrest, that means "scoot over some!"  Don't make them scramble over your lap to get to an open spot.  Welcome people with a smile as you scoot over and offer your spot gladly!

When it comes to making adjustments to other members of the Family and to our guests, we can choose an attitude of service or an attitude of "serve us."  I know you'll make the right choice!


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