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Hillcrest Church Office
August 4, 2004

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“What Does the 'E' Stand for in Your E-Mail?”
by Tom Goodman

It’s the daily ritual of the twenty-first century.  We open our e-mail program and spend the next five minutes clicking “Delete . . . Delete . . . Delete” through all the spam:

. . . curious pills
. . . hot deals on toner supplies
. . . hot stock quotes
. . . hot, uh, other things
A year ago, I decided to start a weekly newsletter that would make the “e” in “e-mail” stand for “encouragement.”  Now, every Wednesday, over 450 households from seven nations and five states receive e-ncouragement” from my e-newsletter called Winning Ways.  I’d like you to sign up, too!

We’ve covered a lot of topics in the brief newsletter across the last 60 weeks, from The Lord of the Rings, to The Da Vinci Code, to The Passion of the Christ.  We’ve talked about how to get along with others, we’ve discussed family life, and we’ve looked at the meaning of Christmas and Easter.

We’re not selling anything, and we’re not going to flood your inbox.  Your e-mail address will not be sold or given away to anyone.  At the bottom of each newsletter, you will find short announcements of upcoming Hillcrest events, as well as links to more news.

Why not give it a try?  If you find out that it doesn’t meet your needs, unsubscribing as easy as subscribing:  you just click on a link provided with each newsletter and follow the directions.

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I hope you’ll join the growing number of people who are getting “encouragement-mail” in their inbox every Wednesday!

Tom Goodman



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