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The I.N.V.I.T.E. Strategy
by Tom Goodman
August 6, 2014

Every March, Montpelier hosts a very unusual contest.  Challengers arrive in the Vermont town to compete in the International Rotten Sneaker Contest.

Sponsored by the Odor-Eaters company, contestant's athletic shoes are judged in such categories as frayed laces, floppy soles, tattered body, and, of course, stench.  This year's winner was fifteen-year-old Benjamin Russell, who took home the grand prize with a pair of two year-old sneakers that nearly caused the judges to pass out.

Among all other contestants, he "out-ranked" them all.

Sad to say, but a lot of us would be hot contenders for that prize, because our feet aren't very beautiful.  At least, not the way the Bible defines beautiful feet.

Isaiah 52:7 says, "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news."  According to that passage, it's not what your feet look like or smell like that make them beautiful.  Instead, it's what your feet are doing that make them beautiful.  Feet that bring good news are beautiful feet.

In ancient days, there was no way to phone, fax, e-mail, or text.  Messages were taken by runner.  In his imagination, Isaiah sees a messenger speeding across the hills toward Jerusalem with the news that God was on the move.  That was good news in Isaiah's day.  When Isaiah 52 was first recorded, Jerusalem was in ruins, the temple was destroyed, and the leading citizens had been marched into exile.  Into that gloom came this message of hope:  "I see a messenger who does not walk with plodding steps bringing bad news.  No, but his feet are beautiful -- they skip, they dance, they race excitedly across the hills carrying a message of salvation!"

According to Isaiah 52, then, those who share the good news of God's salvation have beautiful feet.

At our church, we teach you to share this good news through the I.N.V.I.T.E. Strategy.  It's a six-step process that can have a powerful impact on your world.  This week I'm going to take you through that strategy.  It's Part Two of our 5-week sermon series called "Back to Basics."

if you want your feet to be more beautiful for God, come get a spiritual pedicure!  We meet at 10 a.m. for an hour.


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