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"When Flies Kill Lions"
by Tom Goodman
July 4, 2007

Did you know that tiny flies can bring down the king of beasts?

The flies, known as "stomoxys," will bite a lion and then keep biting its wounds, inflicting nagging, relentless pain.  Over time, the lion dies of trauma.  A few years ago, at least six lions in Tanzania's world famous wildlife park were killed by swarms of these flies.

Our worries can do the same to us.  Left unchecked, our anxieties will buzz around us like a swarm of blood-sucking flies, pestering us and distressing us until we collapse.  Maybe we're revealing more than we intend when we sigh and say, "I'm worried sick!"

As the late Corrie Ten Boom once noted, "Worry doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength."  That's why Jesus said, "Don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.  God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes." (Matthew 6:34, Msg)

Billy Graham wrote:

What is the opposite of fear?  For the Christian there can be only one answer:  The opposite of fear is trust -- trust in God and His unchanging love.  Once we realize God is in control and he holds us in his loving hands, we can meet life's dangers and uncertainties with confidence.  After all, if we can trust God for our eternal salvation, can't we also trust him for our lives right now?  The psalmist declared, "The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid." (Psalm 118:6)

This Sunday, July 8, come learn how to win over worry!  Our "Bold Blend" service begins at 9:30am and our "Smooth Blend" service begins at 10:45am.

-- Tom

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Links to Your World

Alan Brock is running 900 miles from RunTex in Austin to to the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado. He operates the ministry, Fit2Endure, that promotes the connection between faith and fitness.

An Ivy League professor and expert on forecasting is challenging Al Gore to a $20,000 bet that he is wrong on global warming (here).

Bob Buford writes "Finishing Well," explaining how to transform Success to Significance.  His writings have inspired the start of our Second Half Ministry at Hillcrest.

In the UK, a teenager has been banned from school for wearing a chastity ring.  British papers are downright nasty on the issue:  Martin Samuel at the Times snidely referred to the girl as "Little Miss Pure" and Michele Hanson at the Guardian called her "poor little Lydia."  Sigh.

For anyone with sons or grandsons, especially young ones, you will identify with Mona Charen's National Review article, "Wild Boys."  (Earlier: Newsweek's, "The Trouble with Boys.")

How to Fight Fear with . . . Fear.  An article targeted to college students but applicable to anyone facing down fears.

"Our vision is to reach every golfer in every nation," says Scott Lehman of In His Grip Ministries.  Maybe we need to join his vision at Hillcrest.

Anger has a way of coming back to bite you.  Just ask the guy went after an enemy with a cottonmouth water moccasin.  The snake bit him instead of the intended victim.

In "The Good, The Bad, The Muggly," Jim Watkins has exactly the same internal debate about Harry Potter that I've had over the years.

Using "Allah" as "God" in Conversation.

10 Useless or Even Dangerous First Aid Myths.  (HT: Presurfer)

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