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Supporting God's Global Mission
by Tom Goodman
November 18, 2015

Join us for this Sunday's "Missions Munch" with David and Janet Hooten.  They serve in Mozambique.  Tickets to the BBQ lunch are required and can be purchased online.

This event launches the annual Christmas Offering for International Missions, but you've already been supporting missions throughout the year.  Did you know that by contributing to Hillcrest you've already been participating in God's global mission?  Here's how:

  • This year the percentage of our undesignated offerings we commit to the Cooperative Program of our national convention will amount to over $40,000.  Half of that, over $20,0000, goes to the International Mission Board (IMB).
  • This year our church missions budget provides half of Anna Grace Dickard's support as she serves on staff at the Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kenya.  Anna Grace is a member of our church.  She was raised on the mission field and graduated from RVA.  Now she's back as a "house mom" at the school.  This is another way we support the IMB, because many personnel in sub-Saharan Africa send their kids to RVA.  Individual members of our church provide additional support.
  • This year our church missions budget supports Advance International, an organization that provides theological education in under-resourced areas.  Advance works with IMB personnel to determine where training needs to take place.  In addition to direct support of Advance, our missions committee has helped me go on three trips with Advance into different parts of Asia.
  • This year our church has supported members to travel to Hungary and Malawi to provide programming to IMB personnel and their families.
  • Next year's budget will support IMB personnel who are relocating to the U.S. due to IMB budget cuts.

It's an honor to serve a church that supports God's global mission all year long.  Even so, this year's Christmas Offering for International Missions is of vital importance because of the IMB budget crisis.  The IMB recognizes Hillcrest as among the top 4 percent of supporting churches based on per capita giving, yet we can do more.  This year we've set a goal of $25,000 for the Christmas Offering.  Help us exceed it!

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