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Our Special Called Business Meeting
by Tom Goodman
June 2, 2014

Be sure to join us at 6:00pm this Wednesday for our special called business meeting.  We will meet in A-161 in the Adult Wing.

We will recommend that the church bring on an Associate Music Minister.  We encourage you to be a part of this important decision.

Gene Chappell introduced this proposal in his newsletter column two weeks ago:

About a year and a half ago Tom and I began to talk about the need for more attention being given to our seniors and 2nd-Half Ministry.  Since beginning the SonShine Singers 25+ years ago, I've been as close to a senior-adult minister as Hillcrest has had.  About 5 years ago, seeing a trend in population and ministry needs, we began developing a ministry primarily targeting Baby Boomers, which we have called 2nd-Half Ministries.  As you know, Austin is the fastest growing city in the U.S., and the fastest growing segment of that population are those between 55 and 65, which are about the center age group of Boomers.

In these discussions, Bro. Tom said, "you are wearing three hats: Music, seniors/2nd-Half and Administration.  It's too much to expect one person to give the attention needed to each of these areas.  Pick two."  So over the past year or so, I have been prayerfully considering which "two."  I appreciate that Tom has been very "non-directional" in my choice, but left it entirely up to me.  As Lynn and I have considered this decision, although we love music, it seems that the best fit for me at this point in life is Administration and 2nd-Half/seniors.

So, in order to begin this transition, we are following the procedure in the bylaws to bring on an Associate Minister of music to work with me and relieve some of my time requirements.  The person brought on will have the skill set necessary to become the next minister of music, but it will be a process.  The person may be the next minister of music, but that it is not guaranteed by their hiring.  Presenting a person to be called as Minister of Music is a totally separate decision that must come back to the church whenever that is appropriate.

The bylaws are clear regarding this process.  We have met with the Personnel and Budget/Finance teams, as required, and will bring to the church the request to establish the position of Associate Minister of Music.  If approved, we will then seek the person to be my associate.

Please join us this Wednesday.  Note the time: 6:00pm.  The start times for all music practice times have been shifted so our music ministry volunteers can join us.