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"Time for Your Extreme Makeover"
by Tom Goodman
April 11, 2007

A worn-out house here in Austin got an Extreme Makeover a few months ago.  Now it’s your turn.

In February, millions of people nationwide tuned in to watch Ty Pennington lead a crowd of 3,000 Austinites to yell, “Move that bus!”  Patrick and Jeanette O’Donnell and their six children gaped in amazement as the bus moved to reveal their new home.

In just one week, workers had razed the family’s former 2,200-square-foot house and built a 4,500-square-foot showplace with seven bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms—and no mortgage.

The house was specially designed for a family with special-needs children.  Five of the six kids have been diagnosed with autism.  The old home’s condition had grown hazardous, especially as some of the children get older and require ongoing care.  In addition to building the new house, $200,000 of donations were raised through a benefit concert at La Zona Rosa and individual gifts.  Of that, $140,000 will pay off the mortgage on the old house.  The remainder has gone to household expenses.

The generosity overwhelmed the forty-one-year-old father, Patrick.  “It renewed my sense of hope in humanity,” he told the Austin-American Statesman.  “To have all these people give up their time, their energy, and do stuff for us without even knowing us, then thank us for letting them do it?  That's humbling.”

It’s a thrill to see a local family benefit from an Extreme Makeover to their home.  Now it’s your turn.

Jesus expected an Extreme Makeover from those who followed him.  In Matthew 5:17-48, he said:

“Don’t think it’s enough to simply avoid murder;
I don’t want you to even get angry.
“Don’t think it’s enough to simply avoid adultery;
I want you to deal with your fantasy life.
“Don’t think it’s enough to have a really good excuse for divorce;
I want your marriage to last a lifetime.
“Don’t think you just have to tell the truth when you’re under oath;
speak the truth all the time.
“Don’t think any level of revenge is acceptable;
always forgive.
“Don’t just love the loveable;
love your enemies.

With those statements, he demanded an Extreme Makeover of his followers.  If you belong to him or if you’re thinking about committing to him, you’ll want to study the Extreme Makeover Jesus expects of his followers.  We begin this Sunday at the 9:30am “Bold Blend” service or the 10:45am “Smooth Blend” service.  Join us at Hillcrest or listen online Monday (iTunes; website).


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