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Hillcrest Church Office
March 17, 2004

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“Hands on Austin”
by David Kemerling

I am on a family vacation this week, so I’ve asked David Kemerling to tell you about the speakers and events on Missions Sunday this week, March 21. — Tom

One of my favorite past times while driving around Austin is reading bumper stickers.  Yesterday I saw one that spurred my mind to thinking.  "What would Scooby do?"  Cute.

I began to think about our "Hands on Austin" day, and the Lord asked me, "What would David do?"  Maybe I have too often left the responsibility of carrying out what the Lord would have done to just a cute phrase on my bumper sticker or a bracelet worn on my wrist.  What if I wore a shirt that said, "What would I do?"

There is a verse that we sometimes keep "in house."  John 13:35: "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."  Is that just meant for us, the body at Hillcrest?  Does that command limit me to loving just those who are like me?

Maybe as you have prayed through "Seeking God for the City," God has asked you, "What would you do?"  On March 21st we will have opportunity to look at the ministries that some at Hillcrest are already doing.  The purpose is to encourage them and to ask ourselves, "What would I do?"

On Sunday March 21st we will have the privilege of hearing from Jeff Lewis and Jim Herrington.  You will not want to miss either of these men and hearing their passion for following the Lord into His world.  Both of these men have been a part of movements that have impacted cites, campuses and even countries.

Jeff Lewis is the director of the Global Center at California Baptist University.  He has been involved in mobilizing hundreds of students through his teaching.  Some of our Sunday School Classes will be studying what Jeff wrote entitled "God impacts the Nations as He Blesses His people."

Jim Herrington is the director of a citywide ministry in Houston.  He has helped many churches in Houston through a citywide prayer strategy.  He meets with churches from all sizes and denominations helping them in coming alongside one another in reaching a whole city for God’s glory.  You will be encouraged and challenged in hearing Jim speak.

Following the evening worship you will be invited to do a "walk through" of the Hillcrest Ministries.  I hope you will make the effort to submit yourself to asking, "What would I do?" on this important day in the life of Hillcrest Baptist Church.


Important Notes:

Kara Kemerling’s Report.  Come hear Kara share about her experiences as an International Mission Board Journeyman in Bolivia!  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 24, during the Midweek Service (6:30-7:30) in Room A-161.

Mother’s Day Out 30th Anniversary.  On March 28, we will celebrate thirty years of Hillcrest’s “Mother’s Day Out” program.  Watch for more details in next week’s Winning Ways, or call Jodena Smith to find out more!

Easter Celebration.  Come celebrate life with the Risen Lord April 11!  Watch for more details about our special celebration in the weeks ahead!



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