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What Does Easter Prove?
by Tom Goodman
April 16, 2014

In 2002, Oxford University philosophy professor Richard Swinburne spoke at a Yale University conference.  He presented his case that a reasonable mind can be ninety-seven percent sure that the resurrection of Jesus happened.  The idea that such a distinguished professor in such a distinguished setting would defend the resurrection made the New York Times.

I'm glad material like this proves how reasonable the Christian faith is.  But while we should offer our seeking friends proof for the Easter story, we should also be able to tell them what the Easter story proves.

In other words, what is the practical impact of the resurrection?  What difference does it make to real life?

This question came up a few years ago on Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio program.  A young woman brought up a problem with her fiancé, who had begun attending a church that didn't hold to Christian truth in several important ways.  The young woman was wondering what to do -- the difference between her beliefs and those of her fiancé was causing a problem.  When Dr. Laura pressed for an example she answered that her fiancé's church did not affirm the Resurrection.  "Tell me something," Dr. Laura replied, "I'm a nice Jewish girl, and I don't understand all these ins and outs.  What difference does the Resurrection make?"  It was a fair question -- but the caller couldn't answer it.

I want you to have an answer to that question.  This Sunday, we'll look at four answers to the question, "What does Easter prove?"

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(The story of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio program  was reported in "Soul Food," by J.B. Cheaney, World magazine, September 20, 1997, pg 34.)

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