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"People to Thank"
by Tom Goodman
March 28, 2007

With this little "lull" between our church's anniversary celebration and our Easter celebration, we have some people to thank for recent ministry.

Our 80th Anniversary.  What a great weekend!  My thanks to the planning team: Francis Nettle, Billie Scurlock, Donna Parker, Norvell and Iris King, Al and Bonnie Shaffer, and Jack Morgan.  A special thanks to Billie from that team, who was the MC for the Saturday night reunion.  Also, let's hear it for all those who brought covered dishes on Saturday night, and all those who cooked our breakfast on Sunday morning!  I better not get started listing off those names, because I'm sure to leave some worthy name off the list, but a special "shout out" to Dee Simpson and Kathy Keller for coordinating Sunday's brunch.  And Gene Chappell and Jim Siegel did an amazing job combining the musical styles of the "Bold" service and the "Smooth" service into one hour of celebration.  After a year of being in two morning services, it was great to see everyone under one roof, wasn't it?

Breadbreakers.  Our church's "dinner clubs" continue to meet, and I want to hear about your experiences!  My Breadbreakers group chose "Saint Patty's Day" as the night of our second meeting.  We all wore green, which was also the popular color of our food items!  My thanks to Amy Goodwin and her team (Melinda Johnson, Lisa Livingston, Marina Rusch, and Terry O'Daniel) for organizing this fun ministry!

Lifebox.  Under Bill and Susie Miller's leadership, our church mailed 107 Lifeboxes to our overseas military personnel.  What a great expression of support for our troops!

Pictorial Directory.  Be sure to thank Jim Siegel and his team who worked to provide us our new directory.  Assisting him: Elishea Smith, Dee Simpson, Karen Siegel, Joyce Milner, Karen Raulie, Melanie Clonts, and Jami Dismukes.  This new directory is a "power tool" to help everyone build friendships, recruit for ministry teams, and pray for each other.

I have the awesome privilege of leading an awesome church in serving an awesome God!  If you haven't found your part to play in this congregation, talk with me or one of the associate ministers (Gene, Jim, BJ, or Herb) about finding your place of service!  This Sunday, April 1, we continue our study in the Gospel of Matthew.  Join us at the "Bold Blend" service at 9:30am or the "Smooth Blend" service at 10:45am.


Easter Sunday, April 8.  Bring someone with you at 9:30am or 10:45am.  At 9:30am "Bold Blend" service, let the praise band lead you and your friend to discover the power of praise.  Or come to the 10:45am "Smooth Blend" service to hear, The Story—made up of familiar hymns, narration, solos and congregational singing.  The message will be the same in both services: "How to Hope Again."

Extreme Makeover: Changed By Christ's Toughest Words.  Spread the word about our new sermon series through the rest of Matthew 5.  We begin April 15, the Sunday after Easter.

NEW! The Special Speakers Seminar.  On April 15, 5:30pm, come to our first Special Speakers Seminar.  Our first speaker will be Ryan Rush, offering life management advice.  Learn more in Herb's article.

Second-Half Ministries Work Day.  Saturday, April 14, 2nd Half Ministries will be taking a group to the Down Home Farm for a work day.  Learn more in Gene's article.

Senior Adult Retreat in Palacios will be April 30-May 2.  Learn more in Gene's article.

Links to Your World

Think you're being productive with your multitasking?  Think again.

"I've come to see male leadership as being a result of the positive qualities of women rather than a consequence of women's lack of masculine qualities."  That's what Amy Hall observes in her ongoing review of Wayne Grudem's critique of evangelical feminism here.  (HT: Evangelical Outpost)

The article, "After a Miscarriage," will comfort those who've suffered a miscarriage, and will give guidance to those who want to minister.  "After a miscarriage," the author says, "couples struggle through unanswerable questions.  Why would God allow them to conceive only to allow the baby to die?  Why hope when life is so fragile?  Or what did I do wrong?"

Herb explains what a Common Ground HOST is here.

Need a U.S. Passport?  Submit your request at least 10 months ahead of time, according to this weblog posting.

Did you read the chilling story of two women in their 70s accused of insuring the lives of two homeless men and then running them over with a car to collect millions of dollars in death benefits?  There's never an age we reach where we're free from our sin nature.  It's not "age" but "Christ" that releases us from the pull of sin.  Tell someone today.

After much prodding from the family, my sister in Brenham has finally told her "lunch bag" story here.  Hilarious!  Moms of small children will especially love it.

My other sister helps out at the Texas Pie Kitchen here in Austin, billed as "an investment in the surrounding community enabling economic growth, offering job training and opportunity to those with barriers to employment."  Get your pie fix.

During those stretches where there's nothing good on TV, check out these free online documentaries.

"There is nothing to prevent evangelicals from criticizing the arguments of those who advocate controversial solutions to problems like global warming or poverty.  We can all agree on the morality of protecting the environment and aiding the poor while disagreeing on specific policy solutions.  A vigorous exchange of ideas is healthy for the church, so long as it is done charitably.  What is less healthy is for some leaders to limit conversation on topics that are clearly appropriate for Christians to discuss."  (from "Conscience, Calling, and the Christian Conservative Agenda")

There's more at my weblog, Get Anchored, including the "Song of the Week" ("Creed" by Rich Mullins), an e-mail note from a pastor who taught his church how to be "on mission" in their own community, my thoughts on a novel I just finished reading, and an explanation of our church's vision.  To keep up with the journal, sign up for e-mail updates or assign the feed to your news reader or Google Personalized Home Page.

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