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Hillcrest Church Office
May 12, 2004

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“The Vision Thing”
by Tom Goodman

“Life is like a deck chair,” Lucy once said to Charlie Brown.  “Some place it so they can see where they are going; some place it so they can see where they have been; and some place it so they can see where they are at present.”

Charlie Brown replied, “I can't even get mine unfolded.”

This Sunday is “Vision Sunday,” and we’re going to unfold our deck chair and look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going, God willing.

This is an important day for members as well as for those of you considering membership.  I know of a church that doesn’t call those who join the church “members” but rather “partners.”  I like that.  It’s a reminder that we have an important work to do for God, and we’ll be more effective accomplishing it if we partner together.  I hope all our Hillcrest partners and supporters will make a special effort to attend the activities of Vision Sunday.

During our morning worship, I will bring a message on what I believe God is calling us to do in the next few years as a church.  During the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:30), all adult classes are encouraged to meet in the MPC for a continental breakfast and a presentation by our Ministry Staff.

In the evening this Sunday, May 16, the Ministry Staff will present our recommended Fall schedule and field your questions.  Please note the earlier start time for this evening’s program—It will run from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

To prepare for the evening meeting, I hope you’ll log on to our web site and listen to my twelve-minute explanation of our Fall Schedule Proposal.  You’ll find it at:

My thanks to everyone who made this past Mother’s Day special—didn’t you love the music!

Be in prayer for our Ministry Staff this week. Gene, BJ, Jim, Herb and I are in California until Saturday at an important conference.




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