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Messed-Up Momma!
by Tom Goodman
May 8, 2013

"I dread Mother's Day."

That comment from a woman surprised her pastor.  He asked if she had lost her mother, since the day often brings grief to the surface for those who no longer have their mother around.

"No, no, my mother is still alive," she said.  "I dread Mother's Day because the sermons always go on and on about some ideal I will never be able to live up to."

The pastor who wrote about that for a church leadership journal said the conversation was a wake-up call for him.  His well-intentioned sermons that extolled the virtues of motherhood weren't being received as complimentary.  Not by the frustrated moms who rarely had a day where they felt they were getting it right.

Well, we won't be looking at "Supermom" this Sunday!  We're going to look at an Old Testament queen who was one messed-up momma.  Her name was Athaliah, the mother to King Ahaziah.  The Bible says of her:  "His mother encouraged him to act wickedly" (2 Chronicles 22:3 NIV).  Moms can look at her as an example of what not to do!

When your family asks what you want for Mother's Day, tell them your favorite present will be to have them sitting in church with you.  See you and your family Sunday @ 10!

Every Generation Counts!  The first Sunday of our May Music Series was well-received.  We're taking the four Sundays of May to feature the music of four generations of composers: Bill Gaither (in his 70s), Twila Paris (in her 50s), Chris Tomlin (in his 40s) and Phil Wickham (in his 20s).  This Sunday we'll be singing the music of Twila Paris.  "He Is Exalted," "The Joy of The Lord," "How Beautiful" -- you already know these songs and more.  Since this is Mother's Day we'll even feature a mother's prayer that Paris composed for her son.

Do You Have a Spare Bedroom?  On Thursday, May 16, the 145-student University Choir and Orchestra from the school of music at California Baptist University will be in concert at Hillcrest!  Find more information here.  We need you to provide housing on May 16 as well as breakfast and a ride to Hillcrest the following morning before you go to work.  Contact my assistant, Jami, at 345-3771 or by email.


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