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Make the Most of Sunday's Worship Service
by Tom Goodman
June 8, 2011

If you're a believer, you're a singer.  It doesn't matter if you're skilled or trained at it.  As Bernice Johnson Reagon once put it, "You pass the audition when you walk in the door."

The Bible mentions singing over 400 times; 50 of those references are direct commands to sing God's praise.  All God's expectations are for our benefit, so what do we gain by singing?  Specifically, what do we gain by singing together in Sunday worship?  In an article for Boundless webzine, Bob Kauflin suggested three reasons to sing.

First, singing helps us remember God's Word.  In Colossians 3:16 we are told to "let the word of Christ dwell in you richly."  How?  By singing "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" to one another.

Second, singing helps us respond to God's grace.  Kauflin writes, "Singing allows us to combine intellect with emotion, objective truth with our emotional response to it."  In music, we celebrate the profoundest concepts with both our mind and our heart.

Third, singing helps us reflect God's glory.  Kauflin writes, "As we sing the same biblical truths together, express our gratefulness for the Gospel, and declare our commitment to follow our King, we're bringing glory to the One who made it all possible."

So, how can we use music as a tool for spiritual growth?  I have a couple of suggestions for making the most of our congregational singing:

First, be a good student.  Gene wants to teach you something with the songs he selects, so look for the lesson in each song.  When a song is new to you, work hard to learn the tune and the lyrics.  Do some "homework" if necessary by finding the song online and getting familiar with it.

Second, be an on-time student.  If our kids were always late for class, we'd reprimand them.  If you're part of the 35 percent of our attendance that doesn't enter the building until after the music begins, consider this your gentle reprimand.  Music isn't the "warm-up act" for the sermon!  Class begins at 10 with the lessons taught through music.  Be on time this Sunday!

The one who has redeemed us calls on us to sing, and it's a simple thing to obey him in this matter.  So, join your congregation this Sunday -- on time! -- and sing to the King!


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