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Of Walls and Witness
by Tom Goodman
November 11, 2009

"If these walls could talk, what a story they would tell!"

I'm sure you've heard that statement before.  There's only one thing wrong with the statement:  Walls actually do talk.

What does our church campus "say" to our neighborhood?  People draw conclusions about our ministry from the facility.
In our last business meeting, we appointed 18 church members to a committee to lead our church through a process that will result in a renovation plan for our campus.  As I mentioned in the meeting, the cost for the Master Plan process has been covered by a special financial gift, and we are grateful for the donor's generosity.

The Heimsath Architects firm has been hired for this effort.  The firm has led many churches through this process -- most recently Woodlawn Baptist Church and the First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs.  I talked with the leaders of these churches, and they expressed excitement about what God has done through their planning process.

We will be seeking your input in the weeks and months ahead, and I encourage you to participate.  The process will give us a chance to look ahead, to look around, and to look above.

First, we have a chance to look ahead.  Someone once said that you know you're at the end when you have fewer dreams than you do memories.  That's true for churches, too.  A planning process gives us a chance to think afresh about the future God is calling us into.  I look forward to hearing your hopes and dreams for our church!

Second, we have a chance to look around.  When done right, plans to renovate a facility turn our eyes outward to the community God has called us to reach.  It helps us become more sensitive to the impressions we're making upon others.

Third, we have a chance to look above.  In Haggai 1:1-9, the living Lord of the universe actually said we should pay attention to the building where he is worshipped "so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored."  God says we honor him by paying attention to the place where we praise his Name and study his Word!  God goes on to say he was dishonored by those who paid more attention to their houses and businesses than to their place of worship.  We don't want to make that mistake.

Be an active participant in this chance to look ahead, around, and above!


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