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Opportunities to Learn and to Serve
by Tom Goodman
August 17, 2011

Cover the next few weeks with prayer, and join in!  Here are a few opportunities to learn and to serve.

People of Faith and Action

This Sunday, August 21, we'll continue our study through the Book of Acts with a reminder from chapter 27 that nothing can sink God's promises.

The Apostle Paul knew that God intended him to bring the gospel to Rome, and that confidence enabled him to hold up during one of the most dramatic stormy sea voyages you'll ever read about.  But that confidence showed up in both faith and action.  He displayed radical trust in the protection of God, and he also engaged in practical actions to ensure the survival of everyone on board the vessel.

Likewise, we need to be people of faith and action.  Be assured that the one doesn't cancel out the other.  Find out more this Sunday @ 10.


We'll be in Acts 28 on August 28, and so end our 16-month study through the Book of Acts.  The last word in the Greek text of Acts is akolutos, which means unhindered.  "He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ," verse 31 says, "with all boldness and without hindrance!"  It cannot be a coincidence that the last word of this book is the best one-word summary of the whole book!

To that end, the theme of our 2011 Missions and Ministry Fair is Unhindered!  It will be held in our gym following the 10 a.m. service on August 28.  There will be no Sunday School or Common Ground that day.  Following the worship service, everyone will be released to the gym where you will find booths and tables with information on the ministries and missions our church supports.

Callers Are Needed

You've been hearing the wonderful testimonies in our worship services from those reached by previous Connection Campaigns.  Our 2011 Connection Campaign begins in just a few weeks.  Volunteer to be a caller!  I'm signed up for the Monday night team.  We'll train you, and then on the night your call team meets you'll place calls at our phone bank.  Based on previous experience, our calls should result in about a hundred attending our church on Connection Sunday, and about a thousand interested in prayer.  Let us train you and put you to work!  Contact Herb Ingram right away ( or 345-3771).


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