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"Sunday's Family Meeting "
by Tom Goodman
August 15, 2007

We should make the same commitment to God that David made:  "I will honor you as long as I live!" (Psalm 63:4, NLT)

And that's why we should improve our church facility.

"Wait a minute," you say, "What do bricks and carpet and paint have to do with honoring God?"  In Haggai, God actually says we should pay attention to the building where his Name is worshipped and where his Word is studied.  God said that he wants to "take pleasure in it and be honored" (Haggai 1:7).

Take pleasure in what?  Be honored by what?  An earthly facility.

In fact, in the days of Haggai God actually withheld his blessing from those who paid more attention to their own houses and businesses than they did to the place where he was worshipped (1:1-9).

So, the next time you exclaim, "I will honor God as long as I live!" don't just think of music and preaching and tithing and service projects.  God said part of honoring him involves paying attention to the building where we gather to learn about him and worship him.

We have fantastic space in a fantastic location, but our space needs some updating and upgrading.  We're going to discuss this work in a Hillcrest Family Meeting this Sunday night, August 19, 6:30pm.  The process of renovation starts with identifying exactly what needs to be addressed.  So, we'll look at some photos taken by our First Impressions Team that identify areas of our church facility that need attention.

This church knows how to build.  Within the last 10 years you renovated the multipurpose center, and you built a three-story education building.  You were already at work updating and upgrading our campus before I got here.  Let's talk about what we should do next.  Join me in the Worship Center this Sunday evening, 6:30pm.

Also, don't forget to sign up for your part in the Connection Campaign!  Our aim is to connect 200 unchurched families with the power of our God and the fellowship of our church.  We need 50 callers, an army of prayer warriors, a platoon of greeters, and a brigade of follow-up visitors!  Listen to last week's sermon to learn more.  And contact Herb Ingram to take your post in this great work!


"Adventures with Tom: Destination #4."  Hosted by the 18-35 age range.  Learn more here.

One Combined Service on Sunday, August 26.  Enjoy breakfast together at 9:30am followed by the musical presentation, "Love Will Be Our Home" at 10:30am.

Holy Land Trip.  We're going to the Holy Land March 2008.  More information here.  Deadline for first deposit is in September!  For more information, write me.

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