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by Tom Goodman
December 2, 2015

Many of you have heard of the changes being made in staffing our youth ministry.  In the Spring our Personnel Committee approved my recommendation that we look for a part-time minister to lead the 30 youth and youth workers we average each Sunday.  Steve was informed in April that the position of full-time youth minister would come to an end at the close of the year, and Steve began a search for other employment.  Our Personnel Committee is providing two additional months of salary and two additional months of insurance premiums after his position comes to an end on December 31.  Because of travel, Steve's last Sunday will be December 20.

So, what's the future for our youth ministry?  In a previous church I served, we hired a young, single seminary student to lead a group larger than the one we have here, and it worked out really well.  We gave him enough time to go to seminary, but we paid him enough that when he wasn't doing schoolwork he was working for us.  We aim to do something like that here.  All of the things we're currently doing for our youth will continue, but we'll arrange the schedule to allow the youth minister to complete his or her seminary education.  In January we'll recommend this new position, and we hope to be able to recommend a person to fill it very shortly after that.  The new position and the person to fill it will be something the church will vote on.

I'm pleased that John Cameron has agreed to lead our youth program until we find our new youth minister.  John teaches in the youth Sunday School program.  John and his wife Nikki have been members here for about 7 years, and they have a 3-year-old son named Ethan.  John led the youth program on our Malawi mission trip and did an excellent job.

Here's how I've been praying about these matters:

First, I'm praying God will open a door to new employment for Steve and for a smooth transition for him and for his family.

Second, I'm praying for success in the process of forming a new part-time youth ministry position and for the seminary student who will fill that position.

Third, I'm praying that God will bless the youth and their families during the interim time under John Cameron's leadership.

Join me in those prayers, too!


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