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by Tom Goodman
June 24, 2009

How much would you endure for your faith?

What if you watched your grandfather and then your father persecuted by the government for preaching the gospel?  What if your father was killed in a staged "accident" as he left the church he served?  If that happened during your teen years, would you still have the courage to accept God's call to proclaim the same gospel message?

What if an oppressive government imprisoned you and had you beaten for your preaching?

These were not speculative questions for John Moldovan.  He now serves as a dean and a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, but in the 70s and 80s life was very different.  As a Romanian, he faced hardship under the atheist Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Under international pressure, Moldovan was released from prison and forced into exile by the regime.  He moved to the United States in 1980 where he became a student and eventually a professor and dean at Southwestern.

I met John in 1990 when I asked him to speak at the first church I served in Baton Rouge.  I had booked him a year in advance and then, under God's providence, on the very week he came to speak Ceausescu fell from power.  Romania became the last Iron Curtain country to give way to the reforms sweeping Eastern Europe in those days.  Local news organizations in Baton Rouge arrived at our church to interview him.

John speaks with authority on the subject of standing strong for God in tough times.  I've asked John to share his story this Sunday, June 28.  Bring a friend and gather with your church family at 10am!

Then on Sunday evening, Gene has organized a special program called "The Grand Ole Gospel Sing."  Various gospel music groups will gather in our auditorium for an evening celebration!  Be a part of it at 6pm!


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