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Tools for Personal Growth and Outreach
by Tom Goodman
January 22, 2014

Spread the word about these upcoming activities, and pray for God to use them in a great way.  I see them as tools for personal growth and outreach.

Matthew Smith Leads Worship
This Sunday, January 26

I first heard of Matthew Smith in his role with Indelible Grace and their efforts to introduce little-known old hymns to college audiences.  Matthew and three band members will bring this love of updated hymn arrangements to Hillcrest this week.

The service begins as usual at 10:00am, and it will run for 90 minutes.  There will be no small-group Bible study for adults or youth this week.  Children will be released to continue their lesson series at 11:00am.  We hope you'll stay after the worship concert for a half-hour in the gym where there will be coffee, tea, and light refreshments.  Children who are in the Hillcrest Kids Bible study program can be picked up at noon.

Watch a video of Matthew and learn more about this special event here.

It's Time to "Get Anchored"
Wednesday, January 29

If you're exploring Christianity, or if you want to better explain it to others, this event can help.  The "Get Anchored" Dinner will introduce you to an 8-week study through a book I've written called The Anchor Course: Exploring Christianity Together.

By attending the "Get Anchored" Dinner, there's no obligation to continue in the study.  You'll enjoy a good meal and make some friends.  Those who sign up for the 8-week study will receive a free copy of the book.  Childcare is provided.

The free dinner starts at 6:15pm.  An RSVP is not required but is strongly recommended, so contact my assistant, Jami.

Learn more about the course at our website.  And learn more about the book here.

"Movie Messages" Begins
Sunday, February 2

A film can provide a launchpad for faith conversations with your unbelieving friends. I want to show you how. In a new sermon series, we'll see what the Bible has to say about the themes raised in our favorite films. The study begins on Groundhog Day, February 2, which pretty much requires we start with Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray.  Here is the full list of movies we'll look at . . . .

  • Groundhog Day
  • The Blind Side
  • The Princess Bride
  • Death Becomes Her
  • The King's Speech

Bring someone!


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