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Life Lessons from King David
(Sundays @ 10)
Hillcrest Baptist Church

Life Lessons from King David
by Tom Goodman
October 12, 2011

The Bible tells us more about King David than any other biblical character.  This Sunday, we'll start a study of that remarkable life.

David's name is mentioned 600 times in the Old Testament and another 60 times in the New.  His biography spans 70 chapters.  We watch him throughout the range of his years: from shepherd boy to victorious young soldier to middle-aged king to an old man just trying to find warmth.  He was a man of contrasts: cunning warrior and sensitive musician, great political leader and flawed family leader.

And the only person in all of Scripture to be called "a man after God's own heart."

That's the reason to study David:  We can learn from his example how to be wide awake to the presence of God in every life experience.  In his victories he celebrated for the glory of God, in his losses he cried out for the help of God, in his failures he begged for the mercy of God, and in his plans he yielded to the guidance of God.

His was a full-throttle faith.

"Full-throttle" is a pretty good translation of the name "David."  His name is based on a Hebrew word that means "to boil."  I don't imagine there's ever been anyone who has ever lived up to that name as fully as David.  But we love his story not simply because of his passion but because of the object of his passion.


Most people know about David and Goliath, and they probably know some of the racy details of David and Bathsheba.  Maybe they've heard a sermon on David and Saul or they remember a Sunday School lesson about David and Absalom.  But from his boyhood to his death, the real story is about David and God.

And we'll begin a study of that intriguing story this Sunday @ 10.

The 9-week series is called "Full-Throttle Faith."  We'll start with David and Goliath -- a lesson about big enemies and even bigger trust.  Each week during the series, stay after the service, find a Common Ground group, and discuss the sermon with friends.

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