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First Wednesday
by Tom Goodman
October 4, 2011

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of October, and that means we'll be praying for the lost at noon.  Throughout the 2011-2012 church program, we don't want a month to go by without praying at least once for those who need the Lord.

So, plan your Wednesday to spend some time at home or at your office on this important task.  If you can, join me in my office for a noontime prayer meeting.  We'll give people time to gather and start praying about 12:15.  You can also reply to this email and provide the names of those who are lost and those who need to return to Christ, and we'll lift them up in prayer in my noontime prayer meeting.

This "First Wednesday" is especially important as you think about inviting a friend to our Connection Sunday, October 16!