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“Isn’t It Romantic . . .”
by Tom Goodman
April 20, 2005

Christians have a more enjoyable sex life than anyone else.

Now that I have your attention . . . .

Considering the stereotypes in books, film, and TV shows, some people probably imagine that those who are single and nonreligious have the most satisfying sex lives, while Christians suffer in repressed prudishness.  According to a widely-reported survey, however, it turns out that the most enjoyable sex is shared within Christian marriages.  Those are just some of the findings in a survey called Sex in America.

The results of the survey surprised the reporters, but not those who know their Bibles.  In God’s word, sex is presented as a God-given gift that we are encouraged to enjoy within our marriage.

This Sunday morning, April 24, we’re going to see what God’s Word has to say about this important subject.  It’s part of our series, Help For Your Stressed Nest.  As a pastor, I can tell you that a lot of marriage conflicts happen because couples have different expectations in the bedroom.  Even if you don’t feel you need to study this topic, come support our church as we help others learn to be more romantic in their marriages.

There’s been some good-natured teasing from some of our younger parents that they might stay home so they won’t have to deal with questions their kids might ask after a sermon like this!  I’m tempted to reply, hey, if we can sit through a Cialis commercial with our kids next to us, I think we can handle a sermon on romance with our kids next to us!

Seriously, though, be assured that I’ve dealt with this issue in previous churches in a way that is “kid-friendly” and still gets the point across to adults.  I don’t want your kids to be exposed to the details of this topic before they’re ready.  I’m their pastor as well as yours!

Remember, I have two kids of my own in the pews.  If you think it’s tough listening to this topic with your kids in attendance, try teaching the topic with your kids in attendance!

“Dr. Ruth” might talk frankly about the mechanics of sex, but “Dr. Tom” wants to take you through a Bible study on romance.  Marriages need God’s wisdom on this matter—maybe even yours.  Bring your Romance Manual this week and let’s study it together!


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