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Remember Who You Are
by Tom Goodman
October 29, 2014

Kingdom of Heaven was an average film with one above-average line.

In one scene, Jerusalem is besieged by a Muslim army that far outnumbers any Christians fit to fight.  Balian, played by Orlando Bloom, prepares the city for the coming onslaught.  One action he takes is to knight dozens of men on the eve of battle.  He can't find any experienced fighters, so he commands servants and farmers and craftsmen to kneel.  He commits them to the task and proclaims, "Rise a knight!"

Watching this, the discouraged Patriarch of Jerusalem mockingly asks him, "Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter?"

Balian turns slowly to face the cynic and says simply, firmly, "Yes."

No apology, no explanation, no defense for his actions.


It's a great film moment.

Remembering who you are in Christ makes you a better person.  From time to time our choir sings This Is My Destiny.  The song lists all the ways God identifies who we are:

He calls me child.
He calls me to His side eternally.
He calls what once was lost now found,
once bound to sin set free.
He calls me holy, calls me righteous,
by the blood redeemed.
He calls me overcomer,
crowned with victory.
This is my destiny!

A cynic may ask, "Does simply calling a man these things make him a better man?"  Like Balian, we have no other argument, explanation, or apology.  We simply say, "Yes!"

We need constant reminders of who we are in Christ, because Satan works hard to strip us of this exalted identity.  Today, remember who you are -- and live accordingly.

Trunk or Treat.  Every Halloween we throw a party for the kids of our community.  We park our cars at the front lot of the church, decorate them in goofy ways, and hand out candy.  In addition, we set up booths with lots of games and goodies.  You can decorate your own car or offer help at the booths.  Or just ask a family to join your kids and join in the fun!  There's more information on our website.  Contact our Children's Minister, Karen, if you want to serve.

Malawi Trip Challenge.  Hillcrest will serve 200 missionaries and their families in Malawi next March.  Do your part to make this trip possible!  Give to the Malawi Mission Trip by the end of November.  There's more information at


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