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THIS WEDNESDAY: Motion to Meet Together at 10
by Tom Goodman
January 6, 2009

We don't have many business meetings; but when we do, attending them is part of what it means to be a member.  Join us this Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Several of you who are on our "Winning Ways" email list are not members, but use this announcement as an opportunity to pray for the Hillcrest family as we meet on Wednesday.

We're actually going to have a season of prayer, asking God to do a great work in our church in 2009, and I think that will be very special.

Then we are going to prepare to vote on one motion: to combine our congregation into one great Sunday morning worship service at 10am.

I know that at midweek, you're tired, you're busy, the kids are back in school -- all of that is true.  And yet you need to do what you need to do so you can gather with us for this important evening for our church family.

I look forward to seeing you with us!