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A 193-Year-Old Apology
by Tom Goodman
October 28, 2009

"Murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will openly be taught and practiced [sic], the soil will be soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes."

So said an editorial in the Connecticut newspaper, the "Courant."  The year was 1800 and the editor feared the worst for America if Thomas Jefferson was elected President.

Nearly 200 years later, in 1993, the paper marked the 250th anniversary of Jefferson's birth with an apology.  Now called the Hartford Courant, the newspaper editorial remarked, "It's never too late to admit a mistake."


This Sunday we're going to take the Eighth Step to Victory in our morning series through the Twelve Steps used by many recovery groups.  In the Eighth Step, we make a list of those we have harmed with a willingness to make amends to them all.

Two hundred years is probably too long to wait before taking the Eighth Step.  So, see you and your Bible this Sunday at 10 a.m.!

Nine Point Plan:  In last week's study of Step Seven, I promised to give you a 9-point plan for putting the Step into practice.  (You can listen to the sermon online.)  Here is the 9-point plan, adapted from a book called The Path to Serenity.  (You can find more detail about the plan at my weblog.)

  1. Continue to name your basic character defects.
  2. Hand the defects back over to God's care.
  3. Specify very carefully what needs to be changed for just this one day.
  4. Ask God to touch the parts of you that need to be changed.
  5. Act your way into a new way of thinking and feeling.
  6. Be willing to bear discomfort.
  7. Think secure thoughts.
  8. Develop new habits with repetition.
  9. At the end of the day, stop and thank God for any and all of the smallest changes.

Craft Show:  I hope you'll come out for our "Labor of Love" Craft Show Friday and Saturday.  People bring their entire office out for the enchiladas on Fridays (but come early!).  If you haven't had the famous "Margaret's Chocolate Cake," trust me, it's time you tried it.

Pumpkin Party:  Bring your kids or grandkids to this fun and safe indoor event!

Daylight Savings Time Ends:  "Fall Back" an hour before you go to bed this Saturday night.  Get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning and come physically refreshed to be spiritually refreshed!


Weblog:  Check out my blog, "Get Anchored."  Some things to look for...

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