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A Bible Study of the Topics<br>
That Inspired Your Favorite Films
(Sundays @ 10am)
Hillcrest Baptist Church

"Movie Messages" Starts Sunday
by Tom Goodman
January 29, 2014

A movie can inspire us, make us laugh, make us face a past hurt we've buried, give us a new perspective, or make us angry.

In other words, talking about a movie with someone is a great place to start a conversation about God and his ways.


Oh, don't get me wrong:  In addition to all the good things that films can do, they can also disappoint us.  In too many popular films, sex and violence and foul language assault our senses, while shallowness and predictability insult our intelligence.

But, as the poet said, "sometimes a light surprises."  Sometimes a film will raise an issue in such a compelling way that it makes it easy for us to discuss that issue with others who've seen the film.

Across the next few weeks, we'll do a Bible study of the topics of some popular movies.  Don't worry if you haven't seen the films.  This sermon series isn't a study of the films but rather a Bible study of the topics these films deal with.  Here's where we're going:

Groundhog Day (February 2).  Obnoxious weatherman Phil Conners finds himself living the same day over and over.  What does he need to get right about his life to move forward?  What do you?

The Blind Side (February 9).  Michael Oher was down and out until Leigh Anne Tuohy cared enough to become his legal guardian.  Something like our adoption into the family of God, don't you think?

The Princess Bride (February 16).  Is true love inconceivable?  Westley and Buttercup prove it exists.  So, what is true love, and how can we sustain it in our marriage relationships?

Death Becomes Her (February 23).  It just might take a dark comedy to make us evaluate our shallow obsession with external appearances.  Would you drink a magic potion that promises eternal youth?

The King's Speech (March 2).  A stuttering speech won't inspire a global empire.  The king could use a friend.  What are the qualities of true friendship -- and do you have them?

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