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Twelve Ordinary Men
by Tom Goodman
October 17, 2007

When The Dartmouth Review asked 242 students to name any three of the twelve apostles, 83 percent were unable to do so.  The students didn't fare much better on the other 27 questions across a broad range of subjects, but believers should be concerned when 4 out of 5 Ivy League students can't name even 3 of Christ's apostles.

How many of the Twelve can you name?  Even more important:  What do you know about them?  At Hillcrest, we've started a study of the 12 apostles called "What God Can Do with Ordinary You."  Some of us might think that these guys must have been stained-glass superheroes in order for Christ to consider them as apostles.  Instead, we're discovering that these men were a lot like ordinary you and ordinary me.  Looking at how Christ molded the Twelve will encourage you to yield to God's leadership in your life.

We started the series last Sunday, and what a great Sunday it was!  We combined our two services into one, and then we invited a whole lot of neighbors to visit us.  My thanks to all who made our "Connection Sunday" possible: the callers in the phone center for a month, those who occupied the prayer room during that month, hosts, parking attendants, shuttle participants, lunch organizers, members who brought guests, music ministry volunteers, and office staff who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Many of you are reading this newsletter for the first time because you accepted an invitation to join us on our special day.  We hope you'll return next Sunday at one of our two morning services at 9:30am or 10:45am.  We've dubbed them the "Bold Blend" and the "Smooth Blend" -- blame it on too many trips to a local coffee shop!

The 9:30am Bold service is led by a wonderful praise band.  Songs include recently released worship music, along with updated versions of hymn favorites.  The 10:45am Smooth service is led by our excellent worship choir.  Music includes choral arrangements and a skillful blend of the best hymns and choruses, accompanied by a variety of instruments.  Your children can sit with you, but we also have a great kids ministry for them at both hours.  Also, most high school and middle school students attend the 9:30am Bold service and then gather together for a youth-targeted study in the newly renovated third-floor youth room.

If you missed the first sermon in the series or want to review it, listen online (iTunes; website).  And bring a friend to our study of the Twelve Apostles across the next several weeks!

Especially if he's from Dartmouth.


Attention Kids:  Evaluation Day for Basketball is this Saturday.  If you want your kids in Upward Basketball (grades 1-4) or Hillcrest Hoops (grades 5-6), get them to the evaluation this week.  More here.

Drop By the Blog, Leave a Comment.  At my weblog, "Get Anchored," every Sunday I post a new "Song of the Week" (This week: "So I Thought" by Flyleaf), and every Tuesday I post some entertaining and informative "Links to Your World."  Also, this week I've posted a prayer for Christopher Hitchens, reaction to Brad Pitt's opinion of the Gospel, and our culture's struggle with trust (first of a five-part series).

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