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What God Can Do With Ordinary You
by Tom Goodman
June 13, 2012

When Ivy League students were asked to name any three of the twelve apostles, 83 percent were unable to do so.  The students didn't fare much better on the other 27 questions across a broad range of subjects, but believers should be concerned when four out of five elite university students can't name even three of Christ's apostles.

Then again, how many of the Twelve can you name?  Even more important:  What do you know about them?

This Sunday I begin a new series on the Apostles called "What God Can Do with Ordinary You."  The study series will encourage you to yield to God's molding of your life.

Here are some other important things to keep in mind:

"Note To Self" starts this Sunday.  Thanks for turning in your "Letters to a High-School Me."  A new one will be featured in a special video each of the next six Sundays.  We'll print the rest for you to pick up.  This will be a great introduction to people in your Hillcrest Family.

Father's Day.  Dads, lead your family to worship this Sunday!

Baseball and Fireworks.  The first of our four summertime "Adventures with Tom" is a trip to the ballpark.  On July 3 we'll enjoy the Round Rock Express game with Independence Day fireworks to follow.  Just $11!  Contact my assistant, Jami, to save a spot (email or 345-3771).

Summer Camp.  Pray for our annual "Not Your Ordinary" Basketball and Cheerleading Camp, which starts Monday, June 18.  Blessed chaos!

Facebook.  If you're a Facebook user, one great way to keep up with your Hillcrest Family is by clicking "like" at the Hillcrest Facebook Page.  You'll find photos and reports on Hillcrest happenings, and you can comment along with others.  It's also a gentle "outreach tool," because when you comment or share from the Hillcrest Page, it appears on your own status update that your unchurched Facebook friends can see.

Summertime Worship in the MPC.  Thanks for your flexibility as we meet in the gym for worship while our auditorium is being renovated.  As you enter, keep moving left and forward.  As long as there are empty seats in front and to your left, keep walking and don't sit down!  This is a way you can serve your church family.


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