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Hillcrest Church Office
August 25, 2004

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“Hillcrest and the Purpose-Driven Life”
by Tom Goodman

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In six weeks, our church will join fifteen thousand other churches in a study of The Purpose-Driven Life.  Twenty-two million people have already read this book, and I believe you will renew your focus and passion for the Kingdom by reading this book, too.

The Purpose-Driven Life campaign involves four things:

First, Daily Readings.  There are forty daily readings, built around the Five Life-Purposes.  We will offer the books at church in a few weeks for a suggested donation of $7 (half of what the book costs in area bookstores).
Second, Small Group Study.  At this point we have a huge advantage over other churches signed up for the campaign, because we already have a great small-group structure.  It’s called Sunday School.  We are working with department directors to organize study groups of 8-12 participants within your department and during your Sunday School hour.  These study groups will be led by “hosts” from your own department.  Your teacher will get a break during this 8-week campaign and will get a chance to join you in one of your department’s small groups.  After the campaign, we’ll return to your regularly-scheduled program.
Third, Worship Services.  During the campaign, the songs and sermons will focus on the Five Life-Purposes.
Fourth, Special Events.  Throughout the campaign, special events will reinforce the Five Life-Purposes.
I need your help with this campaign.  At this point, I simply need you to do three things:

Chill.  That’s what the kids used to say.  It’s gonna be okay, I promise.  Don’t jump to conclusions, don’t react til you have the facts.  Chill.
Pray.  Ask God to give wisdom to the leaders and revival to us all.
Commit.  Sign up, step up, and do your part.
People are going to be reached and people are going to grow because of this campaign!  Be a part of it!


This Week at Hillcrest:

Seabiscuit:  We’ve begun a new Sunday morning series called Movie Messages.  It’s a Bible study of the topics covered by recent popular movies.  This Sunday, August 29, we’ll look at characters who got a second chance in Seabiscuit, and we will study what God’s Word has to say about grace and second chances.
Lord’s Supper:  This Sunday, August 29, we will observe the Lord’s Supper in the 10:45 a.m. service.  We’ve called Lifeway and ordered new “single-pass” trays.  This will give you the chance to receive the bread and the cup in a “single pass.”  We will sing worship songs as the deacons distribute the elements, and then I will read the words of Scripture that direct us to eat and drink in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice.  Join us for this special time.
Deacon Testimonies and Vote:  During the 6:30 p.m. service this Sunday, August 29, we will introduce you to our deacon candidates and we’ll hear from them how God has worked in their lives.  Our candidates are Craig Johnson, James King, David Miller, and Al Shaffer.  A special business meeting will be held during the service to vote on the candidates.
New Adult Discipleship Classes: Go to our website at to see the new Adult Discipleship Classes held on Sunday evenings at 5:00 p.m.



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