Winning Ways Special - from Hillcrest Baptist Church, Austin, Texas 
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CORRECTION: Sweet Life Comedy Dessert Theater
by Tom Goodman
April 10, 2013


We had trouble distributing the "Winning Ways Special" that was scheduled for last Friday.  Some of you didn't receive it until today (Wednesday).  For those of you who received it today, the email incorrectly says that the last Sunday to buy tickets is THIS Sunday.  CORRECTION:  Since the event is THIS SATURDAY, April 13, it will be too late to buy tickets if you wait until Sunday!

So, please get your tickets TODAY!  The deadline for the advance price of $10 is noon on Saturday, April 13.  After that, you can get your tickets at the door for $15.

For more information or to buy your tickets (through Saturday noon), go to our website.

See you THIS Saturday, April 13.