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"Support Our Troops!"
by Tom Goodman
October 27, 2005

Here’s a chance to support our troops.  One of our own, Mike Pribble, is serving several months in Iraq.  I just got this e-mail from his wife, Vanessa, and I encourage you to support this effort.  Bring your items to the lobby this Sunday and we’ll help Vanessa get them to the unit.

Here’s her e-mail:

I just got an email from the Captain of Mike's battalion.  A large part of his group is moving into a remote area of Iraq where they will be without showers.  The Captain is requesting care packages.  I spoke to Mike this morning and he will not be with this group but I'd still like to help out with this request.  All of the guys in this battalion are from Texas, many from the Austin area.  This area of operation will also be without phones and computers so notes of encouragement would probably be appreciated as well.
I’ve asked Vanessa to be in the lobby this Sunday.  Bring the following and drop them off with her:

Unscented wipes.
Body powder.
Toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Snacks that can keep for several weeks and not be affected by heat or cold too much (such as peanut butter crackers, any kind of nuts, and beef jerky).
Good work gloves.  Mike told Vanessa that between the cold and the sand, he's already worn holes in the fingertips of the ones he took with him.  Tan or brown would be the preferred color.
Notes of appreciation.  All of the guys are from Texas and many are from Austin.
In her latest e-mail, Vanessa wrote, “Thanks so much for the response thus far.  Mike said that the guys would definitely appreciate the packages.  And I think he really appreciates the effort as well.”

Let’s get behind this effort!  Remember to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday, come find some friends in Bible study at 9:30, and drop your “care package” donations in the lobby before worship service.  Baptism and the Lord’s Supper will be observed this week.