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Dueling Leaf-Blowers and You
by Tom Goodman
April 25, 2012

Did you read about the infamous leaf-blower incident in South Carolina?  It's a cautionary tale about getting along with others.

It seems that a man saw his neighbor blowing leaves onto his property one Sunday morning.  In response, he got his leaf blower out of the garage and blew the leaves back into his neighbor's yard.  A duel of leaf-blowers ensued, with the two men standing at their property line blowing leaves back and forth.

Then it turned ugly:  Yep, they started blowing air in each other's faces.

By the time the police intervened, one man had head-butted the other three or four times, and one man had taken a hammer to the other man's leaf-blower.

Pride goeth before a fall, says the book of Proverbs.  Apparently, it also goeth before a fit.

This Sunday, we continue our sermon series called "Getting Along."  We're looking at eight biblical solutions to conflict.  If you want to catch up with the series or review the messages, you can do it on our sermons web page.

We've already looked at how to tame anger and how to think "win-win."  This Sunday we'll learn the fine art of the apology.  Scripture guides us on this tough but necessary work.  As the series continues we'll learn...

  • how to mediate a conflict between others.
  • the difference between "forgiving" offenses and "forbearing" annoyances.
  • how to sharpen your communication skills.
  • how to confront appropriately.
  • how a greater trust in God contributes to peaceful living.

True, not all of our conflicts are as comical as the leaf-blower fight.  Many of our clashes involve issues far more important than leaves on our property.  The good news is that God's Word can guide us to resolve conflicts no matter how profound the issues, and no matter how much damage has already been done.

Bring your Anger Management Manual this Sunday and let's continue the lessons on Getting Along!

Fat Fat Jehoshaphat.  That's the title of the musical that our Kid's Music Theater will perform this Sunday night, 6:30 pm.  The Preschool Praise Club will also perform songs from "The P.J. (Prayers to Jesus) Party."  This will be fun!

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