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“Growth in Giving”
by Tom Goodman
November 24, 2004

What causes someone to give up something of themselves to benefit someone else—especially when that someone else is a total stranger?

A few years ago I read about eight-year-old Brandi Gamache.  Even as a toddler, photographs highlighted the long, strawberry-blond hair gracefully flowing over her shoulders.  But at eight she ordered a stylist to cut most of it off and give the fourteen inches of her carefully-attended hair to a little girl who doesn't have hair.

Brandi had just finished reading a book about a girl who lost her hair during chemotherapy.  Soon after, she read an article about a not-for-profit organization called Locks of Love, which uses donated hair to provide hair prosthetics for children with medical hair loss.  Locks of Love has helped 40 children to get the hairpieces, and the charity’s founder Peggy Knight has seen the transformation in children—mostly girls—when they receive the donation.

But what interests me is the transformation in the little girl named Brandi.  According to the news report she had fought for years to keep her hair long over the wishes of her mother who had wanted it cut because it was difficult to manage.  But then there was a moment when the impulse of generosity flooded in, and what she had became less important than what someone else needed.

Remarkable, isn’t it?  What motivates someone toward that kind of generosity—giving something of their very self to benefit someone else?

This Sunday at 9:30 a.m., our Bible study groups will look at a Bible lesson on this subject.  It’s a lesson prepared by Herb Ingram and I enjoyed reviewing it.  Come to Bible study this Sunday and learn what God expects of our giving!  Then stay for worship at 10:45 a.m. to hear Jim Siegel bring the message from 2 Chronicles 7:14.


P.S.  By the way, as we get ready to support the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, it’s good to report that we exceeded our goal for the Mary Hill Davis Offering for State Mission with just over $7700.

Special Notes:

Post-PDL Sunday School.  As the Campaign wraps up, what’s the plan for our Sunday School hour?  This Sunday, November 28, Senior Adults will be in regular classes/department; Adult 5 will be in regular classes/department; Singles 2 and Community Class will meet as departments; everyone else will be watching a 20-minute video lesson and meeting in their "40 Days" HOST discussion group for one last week.  Adult 2, 3 and 4 will see the video in department areas.  Adult 1, Singles 1 and Life University will view the video in the Auditorium.  On December 5, all pre "40 Days" departments/classes will resume.
Special Workshop: Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions.  On November 28 at 5:00pm, our Children’s Minister, BJ Linam, will be facilitating a discipleship class for those who impact the lives of children—parents, grandparents, friends, leaders.  Come view and discuss George Barna's Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions.
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