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How to Guard Against Sexual Sin
by Tom Goodman
October 24, 2012

Doctors have five questions they ask to make sure your physical heart is in good shape.  I have five questions to make sure your spiritual heart is in good shape.

In the Ten Commandments, God tells us that adultery is out of bounds.  And in Matthew 15, Jesus said that adultery starts in the heart.  To Jesus, our heart is that core of who we are, that inner life from which our every action flows.

Just as tragedies result from unchecked physical hearts, tragedies result from unchecked spiritual hearts, too.  When a cardiologist determines the risk of physical heart failure, she asks five questions:  How high are your triglycerides?  How high is your cholesterol?  How high is your blood pressure?  Are you a heavy smoker?  Do you come from a family with heart problems?

When checking your spiritual heart for risks of adultery, you need to ask at least five questions, too.

What are you allowing into your mind?  This is a question about your fantasy life.

Are you letting yourself become physically and emotionally detached from your marriage partner?  This is a question about how hard you work to make your marriage a joy.

Do you have any boundaries?  This is a question about your self-discipline.

Are you accountable to someone?  This is a question about your discipleship.

What is the reading on your emotional meter?  This is a question about your self-indulgence.

You and I need to practice a little spiritual cardiology on ourselves.  We need to ask these five questions of ourselves from time to time to determine just how at risk we are of a spiritual heart failure that could lead to adultery.

We'll investigate these questions in greater depth this Sunday, October 28.  Join us @ 10!  It's part of our series, "God's Perfect 10."

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