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LeaderLines Archive - Hillcrest Baptist Church See a map and contact information. Read the pastor's greeting. Go to the home page.
  July 15, 2020

LeaderLines Archive
Date Title
01-17-2015 Supporting Our State Conventions
11-20-2014 The State of Our State Conventions
10-31-2014 Preparing Believers to Endure Hostility
09-26-2014 Leadership and Social Media
09-18-2014 Avoid These Four Staff Infections
06-13-2014 We're Looking for an Associate Music Minister
05-23-2014 Free Access to My Sermon Illustration Database -- and Other Resources
03-13-2014 Celebrating Another "In-Town Mission Trip"
11-14-2013 Invest and Invite...and Invest
11-01-2013 How Leaders H.E.L.P.
10-24-2013 Practice What You Teach
10-17-2013 The Believer-Leader
06-07-2013 Our Recipe: Respect + Conviction
05-30-2013 Missionaries in a Changing Culture
05-09-2013 Beware The Lure of Busyness
05-02-2013 We Are God's "Store Window"
03-21-2013 This One "I-Can-Do-That" Action Will Transform a Church
03-15-2013 Do You See the Mud or the Masterpiece?
02-28-2013 What Each Generation Wants to Know
02-21-2013 A Visit with Henry Gonzales, Austin Area Commander, Salvation Army
02-15-2013 How Does the Decline of Bible Knowledge in America Impact Our Mission?
01-25-2013 A Place to Find and Follow Jesus Together
01-17-2013 Watch Me
12-20-2012 Get Ready for This Churchwide Banquet!
03-23-2012 How's Your Influence?
03-09-2012 Prayer Points
03-02-2012 Called
02-24-2012 Linstant Leader
02-16-2012 A Visit with David Smith, Director, Austin Baptist Association
02-02-2012 Seven Lessons We Can Learn From Our Critics
01-26-2012 Leadership Vows for the New Year, Part Four
01-19-2012 Leadership Vows for the New Year, Part Three
01-12-2012 Leadership Vows for the New Year, Part Two
01-05-2012 Leadership Vows for the New Year
12-01-2011 Partnerships For Reaching Texas
11-11-2011 On the Good Ship Hillcrest
11-03-2011 Practice What You Teach
10-06-2011 Elevating Vision, Part Three
09-29-2011 Elevating Vision, Part Two
09-22-2011 Elevating Vision, Part One
09-16-2011 How to be Used for God's Glory
09-01-2011 Kids Ministry is Golden
08-11-2011 Small-Group Prayer Times
08-04-2011 Stages Up the H.I.L.L. -- Stage Four
07-28-2011 Stages Up the H.I.L.L. -- Stage Three
07-21-2011 Stages Up the H.I.L.L. -- Stage Two
07-14-2011 Stages Up the H.I.L.L. -- Stage One
07-08-2011 Stages Up the H.I.L.L.
06-30-2011 Striking Rocks and Other Leadership Sins
06-23-2011 Your Summer Reading Assignment
06-17-2011 A Visit with Eileen Flynn, Faith Columnist, Austin American-Statesman
06-10-2011 140 Characters of Inspiration
06-02-2011 "Fixin' To"
05-27-2011 Pray for Our NOMAPs!
04-07-2011 Volunteers Needed!
03-17-2011 The Best Way to Remember Saint Patrick
03-10-2011 Let's Hear It For Plodding Visionaries
03-04-2011 Andrew and Barnabas and You and Me
02-24-2011 Is Your Leadership Resulting In Anyone's Conversion?
02-17-2011 A Visit with Donna Houser, Anderson High School Principal
02-10-2011 Starting Conversations About God
02-03-2011 Join a NOMAP!
01-28-2011 Update on Our Youth Minister Search
01-14-2011 Too Busy Not to Pray
12-30-2010 Do You Remember the Mission?
12-23-2010 An Update on the Search for Our Next Minister to Students
12-16-2010 Ten Questions to Ask at a Christmas Gathering
12-09-2010 Five Commitments of Great Teams
12-03-2010 Your Home Can Be a NOMAP
11-19-2010 How to Handle Charitable Appeals in Your Group
11-12-2010 In the City, For the City
11-05-2010 The Search for Our Next Minister to Students
10-28-2010 Two Secrets of Successful Multi-generational Churches
10-22-2010 Watch Me
10-14-2010 What I'm Reading and Listening To
10-07-2010 Hillcrest On Mission
10-01-2010 Introverts in Church Leadership
09-23-2010 A Museum to Missed Opportunity
09-17-2010 The I.P.I. Principle
09-09-2010 Stages into Deeper Small-Group Fellowship
09-02-2010 Intelligence About Things to Be Done
08-19-2010 Our Leadership Huddle and the Transformational Church Survey
08-12-2010 Be Part of Our 'Second Impressions' Team!
08-05-2010 Leading with a Limp
07-23-2010 U-N-I-F-Y!
07-09-2010 Are You Expecting?
07-01-2010 This Is Why We Sign Up
06-25-2010 Since Strangling Isn't an Option....
06-11-2010 A Leader's Mic is Always On
06-04-2010 Bullseye!
05-27-2010 Your Part in the Transformational Church Project
05-21-2010 Leading Change: Shape the Path
05-13-2010 Leading Change: Motivate the Elephant
05-06-2010 Leading Change: Direct the Rider
04-29-2010 Pray Until 5 Things Are Manifest
04-22-2010 12 Strategies for Leadership
04-08-2010 Christ's Blueprint for his Church: Community
04-01-2010 Christ's Blueprint for his Church: Holiness
03-26-2010 Christ's Blueprint for his Church: Oneness
03-19-2010 Observations on Leadership
03-11-2010 When You Get Knee-Jerk Reactions Against Your Influence
03-04-2010 Leading in the Midst of Personal Trials
02-26-2010 Examining the Impact of Our Leadership
02-18-2010 A Place for Seekers
02-11-2010 Rediscovering the Value of 'Church'
01-28-2010 Getting Ready for a Unique Event
01-22-2010 On the Good Ship Hillcrest
01-15-2010 There's an App for That
12-17-2009 We Want Your Input
11-13-2009 Hillcrest’s Volunteer Force
11-06-2009 Ignore Your Critics
10-23-2009 You Are God's Instrument in Conversion
10-15-2009 Prayer Tour Time!
10-08-2009 Is 'Find and Follow Jesus Together' Sticky?
10-02-2009 Self-Control in a Wired World
09-25-2009 You Can Get Our Church Ready for the Prayer Tour
09-17-2009 A Fire in the Fire Station
09-11-2009 The More Things Change...
09-03-2009 On a Mission... From God
08-27-2009 Thanks to our Caring Friends Ministry
08-13-2009 Teach Small-Group Members to Pray
08-06-2009 Sunday's Big Idea
06-11-2009 My Prayer Requests
06-04-2009 What if There Was a Scouting Report on the Ministry?
05-28-2009 Leadership in the Reactive Zone
05-22-2009 Hillcrest’s Formerly Unchurched
05-14-2009 Cultural Conversation Starters, Part 3
05-07-2009 Cultural Conversation Starters, Part 2
04-30-2009 Cultural Conversation Starters
04-23-2009 Campus Renovation is Underway!
04-02-2009 How to Be a Church for Emerging Adults
03-26-2009 Is Our Church A Place for Emerging Adults?
03-19-2009 10 Reasons You're Probably Going to Fail
03-12-2009 Three Essential Activities for Your Class or Group
02-26-2009 Five Essentials When Praying for the Lost, Week 6
02-19-2009 Five Essentials When Praying for the Lost, Week 5
02-12-2009 Five Essentials When Praying for the Lost, Week 4
02-05-2009 Five Essentials When Praying for the Lost, Week 3
01-29-2009 Five Essentials When Praying for the Lost, Week 2
01-22-2009 Five Essentials When Praying for the Lost, Week 1
01-15-2009 How to Pray for Your Pastor
01-08-2009 Inreach and Outreach
12-18-2008 Four Doorways to the Heart
12-11-2008 In 2009, Let’s Get Together at 10!
12-04-2008 Three Things a Biblically Faithful Church Will Do
11-20-2008 Does God Use Me?
11-13-2008 How is Ministry Leadership Unlike Business Leadership?
11-06-2008 Multi-Generational Worship
10-30-2008 Passing the Baton with Reverse Mentoring
10-23-2008 Passing the Baton by Raising Expectations
10-16-2008 Decoding our Church's ZIP Code
10-09-2008 Passing the Baton
10-02-2008 Win-Win (Part 5)
09-25-2008 Win-Win (Part 4)
09-18-2008 Win-Win (Part 3)
09-11-2008 Your 9-11
09-04-2008 Win-Win (Part 2)
08-28-2008 Win-Win (Part 1)
08-21-2008 Making an Impact: Our Unity
08-14-2008 Making an Impact: Our Generosity
08-07-2008 Making an Impact: Our Prayers
07-31-2008 Making an Impact: Our Passion
07-24-2008 What is Our Church's Attitude Toward Seekers?
07-17-2008 Three 'Aches' of Ministry, Part 3
07-10-2008 Three 'Aches' of Ministry, Part 2
07-04-2008 Three 'Aches' of Ministry, Part 1
06-27-2008 Who Stole My Church?
06-20-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Eight
06-12-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Seven
06-05-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Six
05-29-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Five
05-22-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Four
05-15-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Three
05-08-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week Two
05-01-2008 When Leaders Pray, Week One
04-25-2008 Fellowship and Partnership
04-17-2008 Four Doors of Change
04-11-2008 The I.P.I. Principle
04-04-2008 Status Update on Our Facility Update
03-27-2008 unChristian Christianity: Judgmental
03-20-2008 UnChristian Christianity: Too Political
03-14-2008 unChristian Christianity: Sheltered
03-01-2008 What to Make of America's Unfaithful Faithful
02-22-2008 unChristian Christianity: Anti-Homosexual
02-14-2008 unChristian Christianity: Counting Scalps
02-07-2008 unChristian Christianity: Hypocritical
01-31-2008 unChristian Christianity
01-25-2008 Handling Criticism
01-17-2008 Connection Campaign Update
01-11-2008 How to Help People Love God's Church
01-03-2008 The Church Leadership Summit
12-24-2007 Intimidated by the Culture, Part 3
12-13-2007 Intimidated by the Culture, Part 2
12-07-2007 Intimidated by the Culture, Part 1
11-30-2007 The Great Omission
11-16-2007 What I'm Listening To
11-08-2007 Five Cultural Struggles: Aloneness
11-01-2007 Five Cultural Struggles: Brokenness
10-25-2007 Five Cultural Struggles: Truth
10-18-2007 Five Cultural Struggles: Tolerance
10-11-2007 Five Cultural Struggles: Trust
10-05-2007 How Can We Correct Christianity’s Image Problem?
09-27-2007 Reaching the De-Churched, Part 2
09-20-2007 Reaching the De-Churched, Part 1
09-13-2007 'Come and See' or 'Go and Tell'?
09-06-2007 Practice What You Teach
08-30-2007 Hillcrest Generations
08-16-2007 Nine Habits of Effective Churches
08-09-2007 Seven Principles for Every Project
08-02-2007 Freestyling with the Holy Spirit
07-26-2007 Four Secrets of Success: Thievery
07-19-2007 Four Secrets of Success: Failure
07-12-2007 Four Secrets of Success: Ignorance
07-07-2007 Four Secrets of Success: Laziness
06-29-2007 Developing Our College-and-Career Ministry
06-21-2007 Contend, Contextualize, Cooperate
06-15-2007 Wanted: Influencers
06-07-2007 How Are We Doing With People at the Preconversion Phase?
05-31-2007 Ora Labora
05-24-2007 What a 'Thank You' Note Can Teach Us
05-17-2007 Why Do Some Ideas Survive and Others Die?
05-11-2007 Whom Are You Helping Up the H.I.L.L.?
05-04-2007 Stages Up the H.I.L.L. -- Stage Four
04-27-2007 Stages Up the H.I.L.L.--Stage Three
04-20-2007 Stages Up the H.I.L.L.--Stage Two
04-12-2007 Stages Up the H.I.L.L.--Stage One
04-06-2007 Stages Up the H.I.L.L.
03-29-2007 Can People Find and Follow Jesus Together
03-23-2007 Finding and Following Jesus Together
03-08-2007 Meet Your Mission Field
03-01-2007 Introducing a Vital Ministry
02-22-2007 Combine Clarity with Urgency
02-15-2007 Clarify What We Plan to Preserve
02-08-2007 Problem-Casting Before Vision-Casting
02-02-2007 The Wisdom of Looking Ahead
01-25-2007 10 Signs You're Not Ready for Change
01-18-2007 Dealing with the Difficult
01-11-2007 Softened to Death
01-04-2007 Prayer Work
12-22-2006 Memories or Mission?
12-15-2006 Physician, Heal Thyself
12-07-2006 Giving Your Full Attention to Prayer
11-30-2006 Seeing the Unchurched Returning
11-17-2006 Lessons from Valleygate
11-09-2006 Ted Haggard and Staff Infections
10-26-2006 Help with our Pumpkin Party!
10-19-2006 Get Everyone Ready for October 29!
10-12-2006 Answering the 'So What' Questions
10-05-2006 Connecting God’s Word to Our World
09-28-2006 How to Connect the World to the Word, Part Three
09-21-2006 How to Connect the World to the Word, Part Two
09-14-2006 How to Connect the World to the Word, Part One
09-08-2006 Plan For Great Days—and a Great Life
08-31-2006 An Ancient Tool to Explore and Explain the Faith
08-25-2006 A New Sermon Series and A Free Book
08-17-2006 An EPIC Church for EPIC Times
08-10-2006 It’s All About Connection
08-03-2006 The Personalized Home Page: A New Tool for Keeping Up
07-27-2006 Connecting the Great Commandment to the Great Commission
07-20-2006 Responsively Challenged
06-29-2006 Serving with Hill Elementary
06-22-2006 Being God’s Community for Our Community
06-08-2006 Pour Your Heart Into It!
06-01-2006 Stick to It
05-25-2006 Great Teams
05-19-2006 Missionaries to Austin?
05-04-2006 Good News About Sunday Mornings!
04-27-2006 Seven Tips for Handling E-Mail
04-20-2006 A Five-Week Launch!
04-13-2006 A Postcard from Hillcrest Church
04-06-2006 Our Neighborhood CAN HUNGER Project
03-30-2006 How to Shift Your Church’s Culture
03-23-2006 The IPI Principle
03-16-2006 What Church Staff Wish Lay Leaders Knew
03-03-2006 Bringing the Word to Our Changing Culture
02-23-2006 His Harvest Field
02-09-2006 Helpful Online Resources
02-02-2006 Second-Half Adults
01-26-2006 First-Half Adults (update)
01-19-2006 Five Issues That Can’t Be Ignored
01-12-2006 Question Call
01-05-2006 Snowboarding at Midlife
12-22-2005 A Midlife Crisis for Churches?
12-08-2005 Changing Light Bulbs
12-01-2005 Dream Team
11-18-2005 Your Leadership and April 16
11-17-2005 Your Leadership and April 16
11-10-2005 W-A-R-M-T-H
11-03-2005 Five Types of Leaders
10-27-2005 Don’t Stuff the Dog!
10-20-2005 Last Call for the Leadership Breakfast!
10-13-2005 Leadership Isn’t Gripe Management
10-06-2005 The Steps We Take With Our Guests
09-29-2005 Bryan and Amy’s Story
09-15-2005 Culture Creation—Part Two
09-08-2005 Culture Creation
09-01-2005 From 'Yikes!' to 'Yay!' - Part Two
08-25-2005 From 'Yikes!' to 'Yay!' - Part One
08-18-2005 Herb’s Renovation Story
08-11-2005 Elishea's Story
08-04-2005 Plan for Great Days
07-28-2005 Time for Two Services?
07-22-2005 Coming Attractions
07-14-2005 Your Church Staff
07-07-2005 Heads-Up: Get Ready for Our New Fall Schedule
06-23-2005 It’s a 27-Out Game
06-16-2005 Leadership on Loan
06-09-2005 Leadership in Bite-Sized Pieces
06-02-2005 Three Reasons to Bring Your YES to Our Meeting!
05-26-2005 From Clutter to Clarity
05-19-2005 The Lord of the Rings: Wrapping It Up
05-12-2005 The Lord of the Rings: Step Four
05-05-2005 The Lord of the Rings: Step Three
04-28-2005 The Lord of the Rings: Step Two
04-21-2005 The Lord of the Rings: Step One
04-14-2005 The Lord of the Rings
04-07-2005 Fajitas For Your Class?
03-31-2005 Lots and Spots
03-24-2005 Maundy Leadership
03-10-2005 Jesus in the Pulpit: Decision Time
03-03-2005 Jesus in the Pulpit: He Welcomed Seekers
02-24-2005 It’s All About What God Says and Those God Loves
02-17-2005 Getting Ready for our Vision Check-Up
02-10-2005 Jesus in the Pulpit: Jokes and Stories
02-03-2005 Jesus in the Pulpit: Practical Guidance
01-27-2005 Jesus in the Pulpit: Verse-With-Verse Preaching
01-13-2005 THEM-Consciousness
01-06-2005 Worship Services for the Twenty-First Century
12-16-2004 Hillcrest Generations: Median Adults
12-09-2004 Hillcrest Generations: Senior Adults
12-02-2004 Hillcrest Generations
11-18-2004 Post-PDL
11-11-2004 Now It’s Time for The Purpose-Driven Church
11-04-2004 Ten Surprises About the Unchurched
10-28-2004 Progress and Patience
10-21-2004 Purpose-Driven Examples
10-14-2004 Our Exciting Bible Study Groups!
10-07-2004 Your Part in Our Ministry Fair
09-30-2004 The Annual Inoculation Against Staff Infections
09-23-2004 The Four Phases of Change: Commitment
09-16-2004 The Four Phases of Change: Exploration
09-09-2004 The Four Phases of Change: Resistance
09-02-2004 The Four Phases of Change: Denial
08-26-2004 Come Meet Our Diakonoi!
08-19-2004 Challenge for the New Church Year
08-12-2004 How People React to Change
08-05-2004 SWOT Team
07-29-2004 The Three C’s of Staffing
07-22-2004 Subculture or Counterculture?
07-15-2004 A Resource for Keeping in Touch
07-08-2004 Fixin’ To
07-01-2004 Lord, Listen To Your Leaders Praying
06-24-2004 Sunday Partnership
06-17-2004 A Word from Our Education Minister, Herb Ingram
06-10-2004 A Word from Our Children’s Minister, BJ Linam
06-03-2004 A Word from Our Music Minister, Gene Chappell
05-27-2004 A Word from Our Youth Minister, Jim Siegel
05-20-2004 Welcome Aboard!
05-13-2004 Good to Great: Getting Ready for Vision Sunday
05-06-2004 Good to Great: The Hillcrest Hedgehog
04-29-2004 Good to Great: The Parable of Two Grocers
04-22-2004 Good to Great: Values, Then Vision
04-15-2004 Good to Great: Getting the Flywheel Spinning
04-08-2004 Good to Great!
04-01-2004 Service or Serve Us?
03-25-2004 Courage or Comfort?
03-11-2004 Streamlining our Church Schedule
03-04-2004 An EPIC Church for EPIC Times
02-26-2004 From Six Months to Six Weeks
02-19-2004 Looking Ahead
02-12-2004 Understand Why Others Misunderstand You
02-05-2004 Find the Core People from Your Committed People
01-29-2004 From Coasting to Commitment
01-15-2004 Moving People from the Community into the Crowd
01-08-2004 Moving People Through the Circles of Commitment
12-18-2003 Exposing the Word
12-11-2003 Circles of Commitment
12-04-2003 Shaped to Serve
11-20-2003 Tension Headaches in a Growing Church
11-13-2003 The Sermon on the Amount
11-06-2003 Fire in My Bones
10-30-2003 Four Gateways to the Heart
10-23-2003 Outside These Walls: Part Three
10-16-2003 Outside These Walls: Part Two
10-09-2003 Outside These Walls: Part One
10-02-2003 A Homework Assignment for You – Really!
09-25-2003 Laryngitis Leadership
09-18-2003 The IPI Principle
09-11-2003 The Discover Hillcrest Class — Why You Should Attend
09-04-2003 Helpful Resources for Christian Leaders
08-28-2003 Staff Infections
08-21-2003 If It Ain’t Broke . . .
08-14-2003 The Great Omission
08-07-2003 A Partnership with Me; An Example for Others
07-31-2003 The Hillcrest W’s
07-24-2003 Watch Your Step!
07-17-2003 Living the ‘One-Anothers’ of the Bible
07-10-2003 Are You Contagious?
07-03-2003 The God-Oriented Life
06-26-2003 Our H.I.L.L. to Crest


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