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Pray for Our NOMAPs!
by Tom Goodman
May 27, 2011

Welcome back to our weekly LeaderLines!  We took a few weeks off to focus on the daily devotionals of the "Beautiful Thing" campaign.  I want to return to LeaderLines with an update on our NOMAPs.  I asked Herb Ingram to give us a report, and here's his post:

A NOMAP is a Neighborhood Outreach Mission Action Point.  It is a member's home which becomes a local branch for the ministry of Hillcrest.  A mission team from Hillcrest joins with that home to minister to the neighbors surrounding it.  Mission projects are like mini-mission trips to our home mission field!

NOMAP teams select projects to fit the needs they find around them.  Perhaps it would be a canned food drive, or a block party; a backyard Bible club or a BBQ.  It could be a three-on-three basketball tournament at a local park.  It might involve live music using a music team from Hillcrest or other talent.  It might involve a children's carnival using games from our pumpkin party.  It might involve leading neighbors to do construction, painting, or yard work for a neighbor.  As you can see, projects can vary yet convey a common goal of connection and ministry to neighbors.

We have seven NOMAP sites in seven zip codes surrounding our church.  The seven are Marilyn Monroe in 78757, Bruce and Jean Murray in 78758, Paul and Marina Rusch in 78750, Dan and Pat Stivers in 78759, Karl and Jami Dismukes in 78729, Lewis and Kathy Aven in 78731, and Debbie Marett in 78727.

To date, the Murray NOMAP has helped create and distribute a neighborhood directory, and they are having a block party soon.  The Monroe NOMAP has hosted an Easter Egg hunt.  The Marett NOMAP is coordinating the neighborhood's response to Heath Eiland's tragic death.  The Aven NOMAP has assisted in a block party and will distribute yard flags in honor of Memorial Day this weekend.

If you would like to join one of these mission teams and help reach out to one of these neighborhoods, you can contact Herb or the NOMAP leader to get involved.  Several projects have been accomplished, and many more are planned for this summer.  Your help is needed to continue to show this entire area Hillcrest cares about our neighbors.

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